New Visitor

If you are new to this whole ‘church’ thing, then we strongly suggest you come check out PAXnorth.

Up until this point there may be many reasons why you just haven’t connected with the idea of ‘church’. It’s likely that most of those reasons have very little to do with Jesus, and a whole lot to do with what you have heard or know about most 21st-century churches.

The truth is simple: the gospel that Jesus brought puts us all on the same level.

It confronts us all in the midst of our self efforts; the selfish religious people and the selfish irreligious people. He confronts our moralism and self-deprivation with the need to come before Him honestly.

PAXnorth Church is not a club, or a once a week event, it is not just a building or a hide-out from the culture. PAXnorth Church is a community of people who are seeking to live out authentic spiritual life together. We are the sat upon, the spat upon, and the laughed at. We are those who are not afraid to be honest and transformed by Christ. We would love to have you journey with us!

We hope you’ll come just as a you are – needy and accepted – like the rest of us.

We hope you will come and find that Jesus Christ is central and the gospel changes everything.

We hope you’ll find it is different at PAXnorth Church and encourage you to find out more about who we are.