“Christ became a servant … in order that the nations might glorify God for his mercy.”-Romans 15:8-9

Worship is the default mode of the human heart. We are created to respond in awe, adoration, and adaptation of our life to that which we are worshiping. Nobody will ever find holistic peace, fulfillment, or satisfaction of the heart, mind, and soul apart from a life that is lived in worship to God. Through His Word, His Spirit, and His people, we come to understand His Person in greater depth and discover that worship is essential.

We respond in awe, adoration, and adaptation of our life to the God who has revealed His work of love in our lives. Worship is both a private response of the heart and a public response of the life. Worship can and must be both individual and corporate. God has blessed us with the capacity to enjoy His presence personally and as a community when we collectively respond to the work of God in our midst.

Worship can have its foundation in the primal and ancient; or can be an innovative response from a fluid contemporary culture.

The purpose of worship is to give God glory in word and deed, to the greatest of our limited ability and knowledge. It is not to worship a style, a form, or a method of response.

A response of worship is to seek out the best and proper response and to align our lives entirely to our great and awesome God. To glorify Him wholly.

PAXnorth Church will seek to use these foundational values as we grow in the understanding of what our expressions of worship will look like.

Intentional Worship
It is our intention to use the elements of art, culture, and creativity to form our response of worship to the work of God among us. We will seek to engage the senses, the mind, and the heart with the understanding that our goal is to reflect those moments of awe and joy we feel when we recognize the grace of God at work in our lives. Above all else, our hope and aim is to create space for authentic and God-honouring worship.

Authentic Worship
The greater part of worship is seen in our obedience to the work and will of God in every aspect of our daily life. As a church, the evidence of our corporate response  will be in the stewardship of all that God gives us (relationships, resources, influence, energy, time, etc). As an act of worship we will invest in these aspects of our lives with Godly obedience and bring value to the city in which we live. This will include supporting and investing in the best possible ways to address social injustice, urban poverty, racial tensions, and other such urban elements. These “Value Projects” will be a corporate response of authentic worship, to the glory of God in our neighbourhood.