Meet our Church Plant/ Church Renewal Resident

HAVE YOU MET OUR FIRST EVER Church Plant/ Church Renewal Resident?

Last year PAXnorth voted to start a two year Residency Program with the goal of training Church planters and church renewal pastors.
The Ardern family has responded to the call!
Andy Ardern – @andyardern – Church Planting Resident.
Andy is helping with the various ministries at PAXnorth for the next two years while PAX assesses and trains him with the goal of church planting or church revitalization in our region.
Andy is from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and served 7 years as pastor of Cumberland Bay Baptist Church. He holds a Master of Theological Studies in Church History from Reformed Baptist Seminary and a Bachelor of Theology from Covington Theological Seminary. He met his wife Kayla while studying at New Brunswick Bible Institute. They have three young children. Andy also serves on the Gospel Coalition Atlantic Canada.
Andy dabbles in things of old, like fountain pens, notebooks, and double edge razors. He occasionally plays hockey and soccer. He does hunt, but with little success.
Andy and Kayla have had to integrate into our church family at one of the hardest times to do this, as we have been mandated to isolate. They have done amazingly well in making our church and community their home. We are excited to see what God will do with them and are thankful for how we have benefited from their service to our church already.
Why not shoot them a note of encouragement today?

Meet our PAXnorth Intern!

It’s time we made it OFFICIAL! (Past time really)

COREY GILES is our PAXnorth intern:
He had about two months of ‘normal’ internship until the world flipped upside down. This internship is definitely different than any we’ve ever had. He is adapting and finding new ways to serve us in all the change.

It’s great to have Corey as part of our team!

If you haven’t met him yet:
Corey Giles
Role at PAX North: Ministry Intern
Corey is serving in a 10 month long internship position. The internship began in late January and will end sometime in early fall. He will be serving the staff and the various ministries at PAX North with a focus on determining, and growing in: character, competency, and calling as he hopes to move into full time work in church ministry.

Corey is from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia (also the home of Nathan MacKinnon and Sydney Crosby.)
He works at TD Insurance as a bilingual insurance rep. He has Bachelor’s degree from Mount St. Vincent University with a concentration in French Studies and a minor in Business/Commerce. Corey has been primarily involved in music ministry throughout His Christian walk.
He’s an avid reader, loves cycling, ultimate frisbee, music, and board games.
Corey has been a great blessing to our church body already and we are excited to serve alongside him!

PAXelders Update on COVID-19

PAXelders Update on COVID-19 Response

PAXworship ALERT

Hey PAXnorth;

We have heard from a couple of our front line emergency physicians in our church. They have shared with us both concerns and some inside information on the growing volatility of the virus in our city. With this in mind, we are cancelling PAXworship today.

Thank you for your patience. We certainly didn’t want to be alarmist in our responses but want to move ahead in wisdom and faith as we serve each other and our community.

We will be sending some helps this week to encourage you in family/roommate worship times together.

On behalf of the elders,

PAXelders COVID_19 virus response

HEALTH ALERT from the elders re: COVID-19 virus

As you already know the Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic because it has spread across many countries. We want you to  recognize that it is just a matter of time that this virus will enter our city.

We want to encourage you in a sensible and Christ-centered response.

1. Recognize that nothing is outside of God’s purposes and plans.
As believers in Christ we recognize that our days and times are ultimately in the hands of God who is both our Creator and Saviour. He knows both how to gather our attention to Him and what purposes He will complete through all kinds of circumstances. This should cause us to run to Him often with our
worries and anxieties but also give us courage and confidence to use these circumstances to point others to Him. These circumstances should cause us to take extra time to be saturated and to saturate our families in prayer and in the reminders of God’s goodness and His control in all things. We suggest that you start and finish your day with a time of contemplation, discussion and prayer together (increase family/friend worship time, not decrease it).

2. Wash Your Hands
Every warning and action plan that we have read by medical and disease infection experts starts with washing your hands. Wash them often and thoroughly. This is not simply for your own protection but also is a meaningful way to protect others who may be more vulnerable.

3. Come to worship

Come to church because our region, as yet, has no confirmed cases of coronavirus. If/ when the virus does come to our region we will most likely consider taking at least one, maybe two weeks off to quarantine. But could encourage you to meet instead in smaller groups (Missional Community or DNA groups if no one in those groups have been in high risk contact to the virus). We will be sure to send out a call to quarantine as early as might be seen necessary. NOTE: if you are someone who has a pre-existing respiratory condition that is susceptible to lung infections when you have a cold or flu, you will need to take greater caution. This is particularly true if you are over 60.

4. Encourage you to hold off on international travel

At this point, travelling internationally seems unwise because if anything does happen, you might not have healthcare unless you have a private health care plan. It is quite possible at this point to be stranded in another country.This is less concerning if you are travelling to the USA. We would recommend however when traveling making sure that you check ahead to identify virus ‘hot spots’ and avoid them.  

5. Know the risk and the symptoms

The statistics are clear. Those at highest risk are 60+ and have pre-existing conditions. This may not be you or include many of the people you know. So while you may not be personally worried, please do take serious the precautions for the sake of others. So far the universal stats show, young children have relatively low risk of death from coronavirus. Again, serious precautions and hygiene habits should be taken with them. When reading updates on line and through media resources that are not direct medical resources use caution. Not everything we read on line is fact or true- often it is just to gather interest via sensational story. Self-diagnosing tool.

6. Love your Neighbours

Let’s show wisdom and concern for those who are at high risk. For most of us, this may be an opportunity to love our neighbours by washing our hands, creating social distance, and other measures. It also may be an opportunity for our missional communities and church family to show particular care for those who might contact the corona virus. We can show care by praying for, contacting through phone or email to encourage, meeting practical needs of meals, supplies, medicine deliveries. Set up drop offs in safe zones by leaving items in agreed upon locations (i.e. front steps, back porches, etc) -note the protection zone is a zone that has a decreased risk of possible infected surface contacts.

7. Stay home if you have appropriate symptoms

The coronavirus is not a runny nose. But if you have a fever, cough, and shortness of breath, then you should choose to stay home and not go to work, events, or other such places. Call 811 and discuss your symptoms with them. Follow all medical professionals instructions as to next steps of care. Call, text or email your close church family members and let them know what’s going on so we can begin to be a part of your surround of care.

the EXILE life – I Peter

I Peter begins with a greeting to the “elect exiles” This statement sets the tone for Peter’s instructions to the early church in a small region of Asia minor.

This region was a true cross roads of an indigenous population who lived within close proximity to each other. Many of who were not willing to assimilate into the Greco-Roman culture. They held their languages, culture and religious practice as part of their distinction. It is in this cultural environment that the early church is born and begins to live out its new identity, including those who were dispersed converted Jews.

The instructions that the Apostle Peter, the great patriarch of the Church, gives in this book has been a guide, a correction and a solace to the church for centuries. It continues to shape the true church today. Those who are living out the reality that ‘this world is not our home’ and are feeling the counter-cultural push of rejection, loss and even persecution have turned to I Peter as their script for normal Christian life in a broken world.

The big themes that we will be moving through as we listen to Peter’s instructions for The Chosen Exiles (1:1-2:12)-The EXile’s Life (2:13-4:11}- The Exile’s Hope (4:12-5:14) include being identified with Christ in suffering; Growing in a consistent way towards holiness; Living out an authentic and attractive witness in our own culture; Delighting and finding strength in the community of faith, the church; Living today in the hope of God’s promised glory in our future.

Want to get the most out this series?

1. Read the entire book from start to end in one sitting.
2. Listen to an audio reading of the entire book in one sitting.
3. Pick out one or two sections to memorize.
4. Come (or podcast listen) ready to take notes, ask questions, and learn.

Looking forward to what we will learn together.

Soli Deo Gloria,


Gospel Journey

Our first of three Gospel Journey classes of the fall starts tomorrow night,Sept.23 at 7pm!
The other two classes are Oct 1 and Oct 8

Thank you for all those who have signed up already. If you are wanting an introduction to what PAX is all about or are wanting to become more involved, this class is for you. All three classes are required to become a covenant member of PAXnorth.

Be sure to sign up with Essie at before tomorrow afternoon.

We can provide childcare if you just let us know that you require it!

NEHEMIAH: Renewed:: Rebuilt:: Reformed

The life of a Christian should not be a life of stagnation. In fact I don’t know many people, of faith or not of faith, who are filled with purpose, contentment and marked by joy but are simply living a life of unengaged apathy.
The picture of living out of the resources secured for us in Christ is stated in I Thessalonians 5:16-17 as:
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (ESV) (my emphasis)
A life marked by joy that is in constant dependence and in thankful contentment, no matter what our circumstance might be – this is what God wills for us to enjoy in Christ.
The Book of Nehemiah helps us see that from the everyday calling of our lives to even the extreme circumstances- living out God’s Kingdom purposes, God’s way, will shape us into a life time of spiritual growth. As believers we are to be in a constant state of being renewed, rebuilt and reformed.


Labour Day Weekend PAXnorth Annual Camping Trip

LABOUR DAY WEEKEND is the PAXnorth ANNUAL Camping trip weekend.
Join us for a relaxing weekend of swimming, playing games, and church family time.
Where? Blomidon Bible Camp
When? Friday late afternoon, August 30 – Sunday morning, September 1
Cost? $15 for individuals, $30 for families (Give cash to Essie at camp)

The Details:
Show up on Friday in time for a 5:30 dinner. Supper on both Friday and Saturday night will be provided.

Church on Sunday will be held at Canning Baptist at 10:30am

To bring: bedding/sleeping bag; tent (if tenting); toiletries; swimsuit; lawn games/sports equipment; your own breakfast, lunch, & snack foods (there is a BBQ, stove, pizza oven, and fridge space available)

*If you are joining, please contact Essie at ASAP.
Please specify how many nights you will be staying, how many are in your party, if you want a cabin, and any dietary restrictions.


WE ARE CHALLENGING PAXnorth Church- young and old- to memorize scripture for the next year


STARTING July,2019 TO JUNE,2020

1) We will be memorizing well known and familiar selected scriptures.

2) Each Scripture memory challenge will be listed in our Facebook Scripture Memory Group as a separate conversation thread as we move through the year.

3) Within each Scripture memory challenge will be a week by week breakdown of memory work. This will include the verse or verses for that week as well as some devotional thoughts and application questions.

4) After we have moved through a Scripture memory challenge we will be hosting a Challenge Brunch. We’ll use this time as a fun time with some memory games to see how we have done.


1) Take the Challenge

2) Join this group

2) Begin to take the Scripture Memory challenge with your family, friends, roommates, Missional Community, DNA group.

3) Memorize the scriptures listed. Work through the devotionals and questions with others (family, friends, roommates, missional communities, DNA groups etc.)

4) Sign up to attend the Challenge Breakfasts. Rehearse the memory texts together.


X Commandments: For Life and Freedom

Through out the Summer Months we will be studying through the Ten Commandments.

(Don’t roll your eyes). The ten commandments are an important part of God’s revealing Himself to His people. They are a central part of the gift of moral law that God graciously gave to his people so that they might live in the freedom of a life lived in harmony with Him, their Creator, Rescuer and God who wants to be with them.

They also are impossible for anyone to fully or confidently keep (that’s probably why you were rolling your eyes).
This doesn’t mean however that they are defunct. This doesn’t mean that they are has-been, gone-by’s.

are the responsibilities of living rightly in order to enjoy the freedom that is found in a relationship with God Almighty.
Are not a list of do’s and don’ts to make God happy with you so you can get on His good side and get stuff from Him.
Are a reflection of God’s design for spiritual and human relationships.
Are not a ladder that we somehow use to climb ourselves into God’s goodness.
Are a mirror in which we see ourselves and our need for God’s grace.
Are not defunct Old Testament laws that have no bearing on life lived in our present day.
Are an expounding (the practical application) of Jesus’ words to the “trixie” 
Pharisees who asked what the greatest commandment was Matthew 22:36-40.

 – Are a basis for moral restraint of evil in a self-centred culture
Are designed to teach us our deep need for Saviour outside of ourselves.