the EXILE life – I Peter

I Peter begins with a greeting to the “elect exiles” This statement sets the tone for Peter’s instructions to the early church in a small region of Asia minor.

This region was a true cross roads of an indigenous population who lived within close proximity to each other. Many of who were not willing to assimilate into the Greco-Roman culture. They held their languages, culture and religious practice as part of their distinction. It is in this cultural environment that the early church is born and begins to live out its new identity, including those who were dispersed converted Jews.

The instructions that the Apostle Peter, the great patriarch of the Church, gives in this book has been a guide, a correction and a solace to the church for centuries. It continues to shape the true church today. Those who are living out the reality that ‘this world is not our home’ and are feeling the counter-cultural push of rejection, loss and even persecution have turned to I Peter as their script for normal Christian life in a broken world.

The big themes that we will be moving through as we listen to Peter’s instructions for The Chosen Exiles (1:1-2:12)-The EXile’s Life (2:13-4:11}- The Exile’s Hope (4:12-5:14) include being identified with Christ in suffering; Growing in a consistent way towards holiness; Living out an authentic and attractive witness in our own culture; Delighting and finding strength in the community of faith, the church; Living today in the hope of God’s promised glory in our future.

Want to get the most out this series?

1. Read the entire book from start to end in one sitting.
2. Listen to an audio reading of the entire book in one sitting.
3. Pick out one or two sections to memorize.
4. Come (or podcast listen) ready to take notes, ask questions, and learn.

Looking forward to what we will learn together.

Soli Deo Gloria,