X Commandments: For Life and Freedom

Through out the Summer Months we will be studying through the Ten Commandments.

(Don’t roll your eyes). The ten commandments are an important part of God’s revealing Himself to His people. They are a central part of the gift of moral law that God graciously gave to his people so that they might live in the freedom of a life lived in harmony with Him, their Creator, Rescuer and God who wants to be with them.

They also are impossible for anyone to fully or confidently keep (that’s probably why you were rolling your eyes).
This doesn’t mean however that they are defunct. This doesn’t mean that they are has-been, gone-by’s.

are the responsibilities of living rightly in order to enjoy the freedom that is found in a relationship with God Almighty.
Are not a list of do’s and don’ts to make God happy with you so you can get on His good side and get stuff from Him.
Are a reflection of God’s design for spiritual and human relationships.
Are not a ladder that we somehow use to climb ourselves into God’s goodness.
Are a mirror in which we see ourselves and our need for God’s grace.
Are not defunct Old Testament laws that have no bearing on life lived in our present day.
Are an expounding (the practical application) of Jesus’ words to the “trixie” 
Pharisees who asked what the greatest commandment was Matthew 22:36-40.

 – Are a basis for moral restraint of evil in a self-centred culture
Are designed to teach us our deep need for Saviour outside of ourselves.