Obedience and the Presence of God

This week at Pax we continue our series going through Joshua looking at how God goes before us, with us and behind us in our lives as witness through the story of the Israelites.

Instruction for a waiting generation

Brad takes us into Joshua 2, and shows us what instruction God gives His people – and us – as a waiting generation.

We look at both how and why we should prepare; how that preparation should adjust our priorities, and how that preparation affects our faith.

What is needed for true faith and obedience

We start 2018 by starting our new series in Joshua.

Brad walks us through the series’ overarching points of Faith, Promise, and Obedience – and specifically, today, about what we need to keep central, in which order.

Good Adversity

Our friend Jay Maynard joins us while Brad is away, and looks at Paul’s adversity as shown in Phillipians 1 – with a challenge for us to look in our own lives and adversities and find opportunities to share the Gospel this Advent.