What Happens When Jesus Works?

When we talk about Jesus working, what does that mean? Where does Jesus work? What are the intentions of his work? Does his work have implications for today?

What can we expect from Jesus?

What can we expect from Jesus? Should we expect anything from him? This week as we continue through our sermon series through Luke we look at the message Jesus brings, how he backs up his message, and why that message cannot leave you neutral.

Sin, the Devil and Jesus

How are you tempted? Where do you find yourself struggling with a continual battle with sin? What does Scripture say about this? and how does Jesus deal with temptation?

What do we learn as God comes close?

As God comes close He will, without question insight change. This week take a look what we can learn from John’s work, from Jesus’s baptism, his genealogy and the Holy Spirits actions in all of these things.