Can you believe, and is there another option?

Brad takes us through the end of Mark, looking at the account of Jesus’ death and resurrection. What does it take to believe in these events? What does it mean to believe?

Resurrection: Does this make sense today and how can it help?

Continuing toward Easter we look at how the Resurrection makes sense today and how it helps.

Who’s a candidate, and what’s the point?

As we approach Easter, we’re spending a few weeks unpacking the Resurrection – our need, our hope, and why it’s irrefutable. This week we look at why the Resurrection is needed, and why it should be understood – who’s a candidate, and what’s the point?

Joshua: Rehearsing the Grace of God

We’re stopping for a bit this week, to celebrate our 10th birthday as a Church family.  We focus on the incredible Grace that is poured out to us as his family.