God’s concern with Love in the Law

Brad takes us through chapter 19, focusing on the greatest part of the Law, in that we are called to love our God with all our mind, body and spirit, and to love our neighbors as oursleves.

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Leviticus: God’s Concern with the wholeness of holiness

Brad takes us through chapters 11 – 16, focusing primarily on purity, and clean vs unclean statuses. What did being unclean mean, and what do we learn about God’s holiness in seeing what He demanded of His people?

Also, what are the implications for us, here are now?


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Leviticus: God’s Concern with Righteousness and Justice

Chapters 9 and 10 of Leviticus show us God’s concern with righteousness and justice. His glory makes righteousness a concern. We see our need for a mediator, our need for atonement, and our need for acceptance-all of which come from God. His holiness makes justice a concern. He sets the standard of justice; he claims the right of justice; and he brings about the result of justice.