What happens when we lean into the will of God?

Brad takes us into Joshua 10, and has some questions for us to work through:

  • What does leaning into God’s will look like?
  • What does God do when we lean into His will?
  • What does God promise when we lean into His will?

All leading to the biggest question for our application:

  • Will we ignore or obey God’s will?

Joshua: What do you do when your faith fails?

Back into our sermon series in the book of Joshua, we look at some of the common causes of “faith failures” some common causes, possible outcomes, and Jesus’ work in it.

Resurrection: What does this change?

He is Risen! As we celebrate Easter Sunday we look at ramifications of Jesus’ work on the cross and how it changes things for us!

Resurrection: What is needed and how does it happen?

Going into the weekend, we humbly approach the cross, facing the drastic reality of our lives and the outcomes and needs that our sin has created.