The Gospel in our Advent: Chaos

As we enter our second week of Advent, Brad takes us through Isaiah 7:1-17 – looking at the chaos in that setting and how God uses chaos for His purposes in us.

We see that chaos is used both to reveal to us where we place our hope and to demand that we examine our hearts and look away from ourselves.

The Gospel in our Advent: Humiliation

As we enter this first Sunday of Advent, we look at the great humility Christ shows in his birth as a man.

Focusing on how our humiliation glorifies His greatness, how our lack of possessions glorifies His sufficiency, and how our lack of ability glorifies His majesty.

Acts: True Belief and False Belief

Continuing through our series in Acts; Missio Christi we look at key characteristics of true belief and false belief.

Stephen – Strong in the Spirit, Confident in the Gospel

Our brother Ryan Skaling, from Blomidon Bible Camp, joins us to take us through Acts 7.

We look at Stephen, and how his strength in the Spirit grew and solidified his confidence in the Gospel.

Using this example, we see how the Spirit – in grace – reveals the Gospel to us, infuses the Gospel into us, and speaks the Gospel through us, and we are challenged to check our hearts and lives against that example.