In Christ: Our Standing in the Death of Life

Lucas takes us through Philippians 2:1-11, and what the bibilial example of what a holy, humble, and authentic life looks like Рand how Jesus exampled this in His life, and gives us His spirit of selflessness through communion with Him, and in communion with His Church.

In Christ: Life as a Member of Something Greater

Looking at Acts 2:37-47, we look at what it means to be together in Christ. As you listen to the sermon, keep in mind two questions. First, does the Bible require for believers to be in membership of a local church body? Second, what does God intend to do with the local church Body that he cannot do with my own individual expression of spirituality?

In Christ: The Inseparability of Faith and Works

Today’s passage is James 2:14-26. James challenges us to examine what type of faith we hold. Is it merely one an intellectual or confessional faith? Or is it the saving faith the produces works of mercy in us?

In Christ: The Truth in Our Actions

The passage for today is Matthew 7:13-29. Jesus, in this passage, provides the answers to three questions about how we are to live in Christ. First, why cannot I simply be “religiously” in Christ? Second, how can I be in Christ “religiously”? Finally, why and how is this so important?