The Gospel of John: Jesus Prays for the Eternal Life of the Disciples

This week we go through John 17:1-19, as we continue our study of John.

We look at the prayer of Jesus, and expand on the significance of – the meaning behind – what He prays for. In getting to know the Lord more, this is a phenomenal verse to get a clear view of what Jesus delights in, and what implications that has for us.

The Gospel of John: Jesus Gives Answers in the Unknown

Brad takes us through John 16:16-33, and confronts the idea of a “Christian philosophy”. We examine the demand to have our entire worldview changed, and reverse our thinking in areas where we have already formed worldviews outside of God-given understanding – specifically: our understanding of timing, of sorrow, the rooting of our requests and prayers, and ultimately what we believe and why.

The Gospel of John: The Disciple and What to Expect

After a snow-day off last week, we are starting 2015…by continuing our study of the Gospel of John from 2014.

The Gospel of John: Jesus Teaches Discipleship

The passage for today is found in John 15:11-26.In order to apply the command to love one another we first need to understand both the command and the virtue of love from the perspective of abiding in Christ. This kind of love is in conflicting contrast to the world.