What does preaching Jesus mean?

Brad takes us through Acts 4, looking at what it means to “preach Jesus”:
• Where it starts
• How it grows
• How it leads us to rest in its truth
• How it enables us to live out of the sovereign work of God

Acts: There is power in the very name of Jesus

Frank Kohler continues taking us through Acts looking at chapter 3, and a section of chapter 4.
Focusing on the concept that there is power in the very name of Jesus.

Acts: Marks of Genuine Revival

This weeks sermon takes us into Acts 2:5-47, covering a big chunk of scripture, looking at what it looks like when the Holy Spirit works in us.

What is Effective Church?

Brad takes us into Acts 2, looking at what effective church looks like, and how the Holy Spirit affects the appetites, attentions, and actions of the Church.