Easter: Death

Our good friend Pete gives us an update on the church plant in the Valley, and proceeds to take us through Romans 6.

We look at the Grace of God – perfectly expressed through the crucified and risen Saviour, Christ. What does encountering this Grace mean for us? How should it – how does it – change us?

How should we, touched and changed by Grace, view and deal with sin?

The Gospel of John: Dawning Hope

Brad takes us through John 20:30-31 – the Resurrection of Christ, and the encounters of Mary and the Disciples with the risen Jesus.

Though not the last chapter of the gospel of John, John uses chapter 20 as a conclusion and fulfillment of his desire of the book to cause us to believe (“so that you may believe”) – believe in the God-hood of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the Resurrection of Jesus, and the salvation offered by Christ.

The Gospel of John: The Crucifixion

John 19:16-37 offers four snapshots of Jesus during his execution on the cross as the condemned king, the shamed provider, the thirsting completer, and the bread and the wine. 

The Gospel of John: Jesus on Trial Pt. 2

Brad takes us through John 18:28-19:16, as we continue looking a the trial of Jesus before His crusifiction. We look at a “clash” of Kingdoms – the width and breadth of God’s Kingdom, its independance from our world, and the coming of he Kingdom in Jesus.