1st Timothy: Designed for Family (part 2)

Brad continues walking us through chapter 5 of 1st Timothy, as we dig into verses 17-25.

Staying on the theme of God’s design of the church as a family, we look at key components of healthy family function: appropriate honour, correction, the work and weight of discipline, and wisdom.

Note: After today’s sermon, we will be taking a break from 1st Timothy as we transition into the advent season.

(tech note: sorry for the poor audio quality today. thanks for bearing with this recording)

1st Timothy: Designed for Family

We start into chapter 5 of 1st Timothy, and look at God’s design and purpose for family in our lives.

How do our preconceived ideas of what the “ideal family” looks like compare to God’s design for family?

We look at two certainties: that family life will include difficulties, and that family life will require discernment. What do those things look like when lived out in the Gospel, and how does God use family to sanctify us?

Passages referenced: 1 Timothy 5:1-16; Mark 3:20; Psalm 32

1st Timothy: Designed for Godliness

We continue in chapter 4, and look at Paul’s charge for us to be changed – truly transformed – in Godliness. How is Godliness demonstrated, and what separates that genuine Godliness from surface-deep goodness? Paul also gives us some key guidance in how true Godly transformation should show itself in the outflow of our priorities and habits.

1st Timothy: Designed for a growing Godliness

Brad walks us through the beginning of chapter 4, and Paul’s pushing of us towards authentic and real Godliness. We examine the attacks against this real Godliness (hypocrites we listen to, myths we believe, and our failure to properly spiratually train). Ultimately, shaking off the false truths we hold, and digging into God’s design, and our place in it, is how we will find our true joy.