Political Hustle, the Lament of God and the Gospel

What does the Gospel, politics and the lament of God have to do with Luke 13:31-35? We take a look at those things this Sunday as we explore Jesus’ really pointed conversation with some Pharisees.

Tragically, the last 5 minutes of the sermon were lost due to technical problems.

Asking wrong questions of salvation

We continue our sermon series in Luke, focusing in on chapter 13:22-30 and looking at what salvation is not.

Rehearsing the Grace of God

Every so often we take a break for our normal rhythms of worship to stop and intentionally look at the grace that’s been poured out on us here at Pax. This shortened service explores these ideas.

Can’t Wait Kingdom Values

Jesus sets up in the book of Luke some can’t wait kingdom values in Luke 13. Focusing on compassion, authority and mission.