Commandment 2: The problem with the gods we make

Apologies for the loss of the first sermon in this series. We had some technical difficulties. Going into the second commandment, we look at the importance and need for us to keep God central to our lives.

Is Christianity what I believe it to be?

This week, Pastor Pete Lindeman from Grace Village joins us as we work through the Gospel of Luke.  He asks us questions similar to the main question of this series; is Christ who we believe him to be, and is a Christian what we believe it to be?

Jesus and Desperateness: When life is impossible

Sometimes life gets desperate and things can seem pretty impossible. As we continue through the book of Luke we look at how Jesus deals with our desperateness and seemingly impossible state.

Jesus and Your Frailties: When life is out of your control

Continuing through our sermon series in Luke, our fifth week focusing on how Jesus and faith works. This week we look at how Jesus acts with respect to our frailties, specifically what we do when life is out of our control.