1st Timothy: Designed for Authority and Influence

This week we delve into Timothy 2:1-15 where Paul tackles three taboo subjects: politics, church functioning, and gender roles. This week we look at the first topic of politics. We are to approach this through the lenses of prayer. We look at the priority of prayer, the influence of prayer, and the purpose of prayer in a biblical reponse to dealing with political authority.

1st Timothy: Designed for Transformation

“The church is too judgemental. The church has too many do’s and don’ts. The church is supposed to be a place I can feel comfortable without always feeling like I need to change.” – This might be what we have said or have heard regarding the churches use of law and not being more concerned with showing grace. 1 Timothy 1:12-20 teaches us that there is a good use of the law but it is not in trying to bring out change in our lives or in the lives of others.

1st Timothy: Designed for Gospel Clarity

We are starting a new series today from the book of 1st Timothy. If you could tell the church that it needed to focus on, or address, one key issue to make it more like what you think is supposed to be, what would you address?  Paul writes to Timothy and the church at Ephesus, which has gotten distracted by minutia, and addresses a central issue to call them back to functioning as God designed.

God’s concern with Love in the Law

Brad takes us through chapter 19, focusing on the greatest part of the Law, in that we are called to love our God with all our mind, body and spirit, and to love our neighbors as oursleves.