The Gospel of John: The Good Shepherd

Looking at John 10:1-21, we see how Jesus takes the everday picture, for the people of that day, of the shepherd and his flock and pushes them, and us, to a see that he is the supreme shepherd. Just as there is one way into the sheepfold, Jesus is the one way for us to salvation. He is the true shepherd, and the sheep know his voice. He lays down his life for the sheep.

Jesus and the Blind

Today Brad takes us through John 9:1-41, and how Jesus heals a man born blind and ask what has turned our blindness into sight.

The Gospel of John: The Truth Will Set You Free

Pete takes us through John 8:31-59, and Jesus’ admonishment of the Jews he was speaking to in the temple (an admonishment that has implications for all of us). Jesus plainly addresses man’s subservience to sin – we are slaves to sin – and that not even the sons of Abraham were free from the chains of sin. Jesus then explains that He is the Truth, and that He – and only He – can set the slaves-to-sin free.

The reaction of the Jews likely mirrors our own as we are confronted by the truth of Jesus – defensive, and self-justifying. But Jesus clearly cuts through their (and our) self-righteous veneer, showing both the gravity of our sinful nature, and the magnitude of the salvation offered by God, through Jesus.

This leaves us with a question we need answer: What do we do with our sin?


The Gospel of John: What if Jesus is the Light

Today we look into John 8:12-8:30 and the audacious claims of Jesus, specifically his claim “I am the light of the world”. In this chapter Jesus answers the skeptical questions asked by the pharisees.