What is Effective Church?

Brad takes us into Acts 2, looking at what effective church looks like, and how the Holy Spirit affects the appetites, attentions, and actions of the Church.

The Promises & Practices of the Church In Between (Pt 2)

As we continue our new series in the book of Acts, Brad reviews two points: what we need to LIVE and DO as the “church in between.

Intro to Acts

As we start our new series in Acts, Brad take us through three key points as we look at what we need to live as the “church in between”.

  • We need to understand when we are living
  • We need to understand how we are to live
  • We need to understand what we are in life

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Friend of PAX and pastor of Lunenburg Chapel, Steve Hiltz, joins us to walk us through the Parable of the Prodigal Son (though he is quick to point out that this parable could just as easily be called the Parable of the Loving Father – as it emphasizes the grace of the father more than the sinfulness of the son).

Steve suggests that every person needs, at some point, to come to terms with 4 key relationships (self, things, others, and God), all of which are shown in this parable.

We walk through key points of rebellion, repentance, and joys. The rebellion and repentance of the son, the joy in finding what was lost, the joy of returning to fellowship, the joy of forgiveness of sin and the joy of forgiving sin.