Leviticus: Intro – What happens when God moves in?

Brad begins the Leviticus sermon series with the historical and geographical background behind the Law and its application to us; the principles of sin, atonement, and sacrifice found in Leviticus reveal the great holiness and love of God.

The Gospel of John: “So that you may follow” – The Great Commission and John 21

*Note: Sadly, our audio recording failed about midway through today’s sermon. Presented is the back-half we were able to record. Apologies for the technical issue.

We finish our study of the book of John, looking at John 21 – the Great Commission, and the overall epilogue of discipleship John concludes with.

What does it look like to disciple? What does it look like to be discipled? We look at the recommissioning of the disciples, and what the implications are for us as believers.

Easter: Freedom in Christ, in Life

On this Easter Sunday, Brad concludes our Easter study of Romans 6. We review and answer the question: “What happens to the believer walks in new life?”

Easter: Freedom in Christ, in Resurrection

On this Palm Sunday, Pete continues our Easter study of Romans 6.

When we encounter the enormity of God’s grace – expressed completely by Christ at the cross – we are forced to re-examine our relationship with sin: how we define it, and what our freedom in Christ against sin looks like as Christians.