The Gospel of John: Love and the Disciples

The passage for today is found in John 14:14-31. In this passage, Jesus explains God’s love to his disciples. As he does this, there are two questions to keep in mind. First, what does love from God look like. Second, what does love from God produce.

The Gospel of John: The Disciples’ Hope

Brad takes us through John 13:36 through John 14:2, as we look at Hope in this advent season; the Hope we and the disciples have in Christ, and how that differs from the hope the world offers us – and how our true understanding of that Hope can have nothing short of a life altering impact in how we live our lives.

The Gospel of John: Peace, and the Disciples of Jesus

Brad takes us through John 13:1-35, and looks at a moment of quiet between Jesus and His disciples in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the plot against Jesus mounting.

We look at Peace – how we define it, and how the bible defines it. This passage reveals some deep truths about peace – and how Christ brings peace in what He knows, does, and delights in.

Ultimately, to confront our definition and understanding of peace, we must confront pride. Jesus points us to this.

The Gospel of John: Centrepiece of the Gospel

Brad takes us through John 12:36-50, and what Jesus says about belief – specifically, what Jesus says about belief in Him.

Jesus addresses both the difficulties of unbeliefand the difficulties of belief – and leaves us having to answer the weighty question: “what do we believe about Him?”