Much of the Death of Christ

This Good Friday sermon focuses on the need for Jesus’ death. Harsh as it may sound, God’s holiness and justice could be satisfied by letting us all die in our sins. But Jesus died because it was God’s will to show his glory by redeeming those who were his enemies. And his death was necessary to atone for the sins of mankind. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people sacrificed animals for their sin, but Jesus was the final and sufficient sacrifice for all sin.

At PAXnorth, we usually follow the sermon with a response of worship. But the most important response that we can give to the death of Christ is to ask if Jesus’ death was necessary and sufficient for us? Do we believe that we can atone for our sins by our own works? Or do we believe that even after Jesus’ sacrifice, we need to try really hard to be really good, to earn righteousness? Neither of these is the Gospel. In Jesus’ death, he took our sin and gave us his righteousness.