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The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke: Questions in the search for Jesus

We are always searching, always looking to fill that hole in our lives, it’s in our very nature. What are you searching for? Why do you search? and where do you find yourself searching?

The Gospel of Luke; If God is at work what should I expect?

God is active and sovereign over all of the world and not an absentee land lord happy to let this world spin out of control. If God is at work in us and in this world what should we expect? What does it look like?

The Gospel of Luke: What to do with the grace of God

What do we do when we encounter the grace of God? Should this grace extend in to our lives and functionally change it? or is it just something we add onto our lives, or just do every week? Should we respond in worship or simply respond intellectually?

The Gospel of Luke: Christianity and the moments of our lives

What moments define us in our lives? Colossus says in X-Men “We are defined by only 4 or 5 moments in our lives?” or is their something more? What do we do in these moments? How are to deal with and respond to them?

The Gospel of Luke: Can you trust God’s timing

Can we trust God’s timing? Does God timings have to work on our schedule? What gives us confidence in his timing? As we continue into our sermon series on the Gospel of Luke we unpack some of these ideas.

The Gospel of Luke; What is the purpose of this?

As we kick off the fall and our new sermon series working through the Gospel of Luke, we start off by getting a feel for why Luke wrote the book, and why we ought to listen to him.