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Song of Solomon 6 & 7

Marriage Outside Eden

Song of Songs: At the Heart of Intimacy

Chapter 4 appears to be set after the wedding. It describes the couple delighting in each other. Our culture’s twisted view of intimacy sees it revolving around nakedness. Instead, intimacy is really about togetherness, within the boundaries that God has set up for it.

Song of Songs: My Heart’s Search

Chapter 3 of Song of Songs has two parts: a scene of the woman frightened and seeking her beloved at night, and the arrival of King Solomon. Whether Solomon is the man in the song is debatable, but either way, the theme of safety and security ties both halves together. The woman leaves the safety of her bed to look for her beloved in town at night, a dangerous place, because she knows he gives her complete safety – the same kind of safety that Solomon’s sixty armed men give him.

Song of Songs: Timing

Chapter 2 contains a love song where the woman expresses her desire to be married to her beloved. The issue of timing – waiting until marriage to share sexual intimacy – comes up here and throughout the book. But even within marriage, there are problems, described as “little foxes” in this chapter, which can rob a vineyard of its fruit, or a marriage of its joy.

Song of Songs Chapters 1-2 – Beauty

Chapter 1 and the start of chapter 2 talk a lot about beauty. The woman in the song does not meet the cultural expectation of beauty, and has been mistreated by her brothers. But her beloved sees her as beautiful anyway, and his character and faithfulness make him more attractive to her. The passage ends with the common refrain of the song, not to awaken love before its time. While many churches either shy away from the topic of premarital sex, or use it to imply that sex is bad, this book takes neither approach. Because of how wonderful love and sex are, they should be protected within God’s design of marriage.

Song Of Songs: A Second Introduction

The book so nice we had to intro it twice. Looking at the first 4 verses of chapter one, and the role of purposeful relationship in the context of our understanding of the image of God.

Song of Songs Introduction

This week Brad is back, and we are starting our sermon series on the Song of Songs. As we go through the book, the following guideposts are important to remember. 1) It is a song, 2) whose topic is love, 3) in the context of the Bible, 4) written to give us wisdom.