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Waiting for Home

We conclude our series in Revelation, looking at chapter 22:6-21.

Today Brad reminded us to look forward to the coming of Christ and gave us instruction on what we can do to be faithful as we wait.

The “re”work of paradise

Brad takes us through Revelation 21:1-22:5.

As we continue in the end of the story, we look at the impact of the finality of God’s redemptive plan. We see a bride redeemed, a city reclaimed, the temple renewed, and a garden regained.

Responding to this, we need to ask ourselves who we believe God to be. As you do that look at the following and consider how they help to clarify how we should view God, and how God affects rework in us:

  • the Love of the Father
  • the Union of the Son
  • Communion in the Spirit

At the End of the Story

Brad takes us through chapters 19 and 20 of Revelation.

At the end of the story, we see:

  • a marriage
  • a King, and
  • a reign

What Happens When Sin Falls?

Tech Note: Unfortunately, today’s sermon did not record well enough to post. Here are the sermon notes to help as you read through this passage on your own. Apologies – JK.

Brad takes us through Revelation chapters 17 and 18, looking at what happens when sin falls as shown through the fall of Babylon.

Warning: this sermon contains mild spoilers for the movie The Sixth Sense. If you haven’t seen the movie (released in 1999)…you really have no excuse for complaining.

In chapter 17 we see man’s great attraction to sin, pictured in both in the seductiveness of the great prostitute and the power she has over man.
We look at how this calls out our self-indulgent and self-determined lives – showing us how a focus on self both blinds us to God’s goodness and will for our lives, and places us in opposition to God.
Insert- I expanded this application this past week as part of my  BLOG at EastCoast Veritas – sorry for the recording tech difficulties.-BRS

Chapter 18 shows man’s hope in sin, pictured through man’s great city. We are shown what our world offers for hope, how that world responds when the inevitable happens and, most importantly, how we as the Church should respond.

All Things in Christ: Revelation in Judgements

This week Brad takes us through chapter 16 of Revelation, coming out of the wrath of God’s outpouring of His complete judgement that was started in chapter 15.

As you approach this passage, and its content, it’s really important to ask “how do you feel about the wrath of God?”. Pray for God to give you an open heart as you prepare to dig in.

In considering the difficulties of the judgements of God, three key questions come out:

  • Humanity is divided into those who are in Christ, and those who are enemies of God; Where are you?
  • How is it possible to worship in light of judgement?
  • What does Revelation reveal as the cruelest of truths, and what does this mean for us – how does this challenge us?

To consider going into this week: As we get a glimpse of the greatness of God, displayed in His judgement and power, it should confront us as believers to look at what our time in His presence has been like lately.

All Things In Christ: Songs of Heaven and Sorrows of Hell

Today Brad preached on Revelation 14 where he reviews two topics. First the songs of heaven, where he ask who gets to sing them? Where are they? What have they done? and How are they identified. The second topic is the sorrows of hell, where he ask who is this for? Who goes to hell? What is it like? What is the purpose? And who doesn’t go to hell?

All Things In Christ: Hope and Judgement (cont.)

Today Brad preached on Revelation 11 and 12 explaining some of the bigger pictures in these chapters and there implications in our lives, and church.

All Things In Christ: Hope and Judgement (cont.)

Today Brad preached on Revelation 10 and looked at both the angel and the scroll mentioned in the passage, their significance, and what it means for us.

All Things In Christ: Hope and Judgement (cont.)

We move into chapters 8 and 9, coming out of the unsealing of judgement we started looking at in chapters  6 and 7.

Brad looks at these chapters by tracking the effects of judgement, and looking into the effect of prayer.

How do our prayers affect God, and what are the effects of prayer on the world?

What does the outline of the judgement of the world tell us about God’s sovereignty and character?

What of hope and judgement

Today we move into Chapter 6, where Brad takes on the seven seals and reviews: What are the seals about? What does this mean for the church? And what does this mean for the world?