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Redemption Sent: The Unavoidable Ramification of God at Work

Redemption Sent: Suffering

Suffering as part of God’s redemptive plan for us; How can suffering be good for us? What distinguishes suffering from serving, and why is suffering essential to the Christian walk?

Redemption Sent: Renewal

Now that Redemption has been sent to us through Christ, and given to us in His resurrection, what does redeemed life look like? How does the Spirit renew us? How do we get in the way of our own renewal?

(Get your bibles ready as you are going to be covering some ground).

Redemption Sent: Justification

Much of Romans, but especially Chapter 3, deals with the fact that we are justified by Christ. In other areas of our life, like school or work, we use our own righteousness or achievements to justify ourselves. But before God, Jesus’ death gives us the gift not only of forgiveness – by paying our debt to God – but also of righteousness – by conquering sin and rising from death.

Redemption Sent: The Acts of the Apostles – The Weight and Freedom of Missional Obligation

“You can’t bring the Kingdom without bringing the King”

We look at Acts, and the obligation we have – without exemption – to spread the news of the King(dom).

Redemption Sent: Resurrection – The Restoration and Realization of Hope

We look at the Resurrection, how it defines our faith, and how it should change our ‘belongings’.

Redemption Sent: The Poets

Don’t tell me what the poets are doing.”

Brad discusses Psalm 1, and the Poetry of a People; specifically happiness: our yearning for it, our tendency to seek it out as an end to itself, and how the bible pushes us to see happiness as being possible, but a by-product of obedience. “What do we worship?”

Redemption Sent: Wisdom Literature

Wisdom literature – the name sometimes given to the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs – needs to be read in the context of how God is redeeming Israel. These books, written by sages and poets, teach us how to become wise: There are really only two ways to live life, with God or against God; true wisdom is about how to live out relationship with God; and wisdom ultimately comes by a work of God, rather than our own intellect.

Redemption Sent: A Fight For Identity

Brad takes us through the beginnings of Exodus, and the introduction of Moses, through whom God sends redemption to the Isrealites , taking them out of slavery – and the hard rules that come from having identity in God’s kingdom. That promise of identity and redemption from slavery, and the laws that come with it, are still relevant to us today.

A Walk of Simple Faith

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” In this sermon, true Christian faith as Christ requires is explained.  Simple faith is not simply what you believe, what you do, or just a personal thing. Rather it is how well we, by simple faith, grab hold of the promises of God

Redemption Sent: The Making of a People for the King

We start ACT III of the narative of God’s redemptive plan for man. Brad leads us through God’s coveneant with Abraham, Abraham’s response in faith to his blessing, and God’s active role in transforming man for His Kingdom. “It’s the promise of God that makes the man”.