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Joseph: A Study of God's Story

Joseph: The End of the Beginning

We conclude our series on Joseph and God’s story, and look at the legacy of Jacob, Joseph’s faith, God’s faithfulness and how we can live outside our former broken identities.

Joseph: The Rocky Road to Reconciliation

Joseph’s brothers have come to Egypt to buy grain, and they don’t recognize him. Instead of responding with anger towards his brothers, Joseph wants reconciliation, because of his faith in God. True faith works towards reconciliation, with wisdom and compassion, because we understand that God has reconciled us to himself.

Pete Lindeman, our intern, is preaching this week.

Joseph: A Not So Obvious Work Of Faith

As we hear the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, we are struck by Joseph’s integrity. But it is not just integrity for integrity’s sake – Joseph resists temptation because of his faith in God. And this faith is so amazing because it is so unlikely. After being sold into slavery by his brothers, and then wrongfully thrown into prison by Potiphar, God seems absent in Joseph’s story. But still, God was with him, and Joseph trusted in God.