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Identity: Who You Are Matters

Gospel Singleness

As we begin to bring our series on Identity to a close, we begin to look at Gospel singleness, and what it is, and is not, in the context of the Gospel.

Woman Enough

Continuing in our Identity series we switch gears and focus on Gospel Womanhood, with a focus on the principles found in scripture.

Man Enough

Working through 1 John 2, we continue our series on identity, focusing on Gospel manhood, and what makes you a man,  and how Gospel manhood can be cultivated in your life.

Your Identity in Christ

Continuing in our series on Identity, we walk through John 3, with a focus of how the Gospel weaves into our lives and affects our identity.


We camp out this Sunday looking at Genesis 3, and how the fall affects us, and our identity in the world.

Crisis of Identity

Brad takes us into Genesis 3, looking at the temptation of Adam and Eve by the Serpent, and the crisis coming from that we are still dealing with today.

Pete tackles John

Our brother Pete Lindeman, from our Grace Village Church plant in the Valley, joins us to continue our study in identity – preaching out of John 13:31-35

Ramifications and Far-Reaching Intentions

Pastor Brad takes us through Isaiah 40:1-15 and speaks to us about two big questions: Who is man, and how then should I live, in light of who man is according to God?

Biblical Womanhood

We stay in Genesis 2, looking at the design, definition, and delights of biblical womanhood.

Just like our unique genders, this sermon is a great complement to last week’s look at biblical manhood.

Biblical Manhood

Keeping in tune with all of the cultural holidays and celebrations, we plow through the second part of our series focusing this week on Biblical Manhood.  looking at what it is defined as, what it is designed to be, and how we can delight in it as men.