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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John: “So that you may follow” – The Great Commission and John 21

*Note: Sadly, our audio recording failed about midway through today’s sermon. Presented is the back-half we were able to record. Apologies for the technical issue.

We finish our study of the book of John, looking at John 21 – the Great Commission, and the overall epilogue of discipleship John concludes with.

What does it look like to disciple? What does it look like to be discipled? We look at the recommissioning of the disciples, and what the implications are for us as believers.

The Gospel of John: Dawning Hope

Brad takes us through John 20:30-31 – the Resurrection of Christ, and the encounters of Mary and the Disciples with the risen Jesus.

Though not the last chapter of the gospel of John, John uses chapter 20 as a conclusion and fulfillment of his desire of the book to cause us to believe (“so that you may believe”) – believe in the God-hood of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the Resurrection of Jesus, and the salvation offered by Christ.

The Gospel of John: The Crucifixion

John 19:16-37 offers four snapshots of Jesus during his execution on the cross as the condemned king, the shamed provider, the thirsting completer, and the bread and the wine. 

The Gospel of John: Jesus on Trial Pt. 2

Brad takes us through John 18:28-19:16, as we continue looking a the trial of Jesus before His crusifiction. We look at a “clash” of Kingdoms – the width and breadth of God’s Kingdom, its independance from our world, and the coming of he Kingdom in Jesus.

Gospel of John: Jesus on Trial

Jesus demonstrates his authority over the clashes between dark and light, religion and redemption during his arrest and trial in John 18:1-27.

The Gospel of John: Jesus Prays for the Eternal Life of the Disciples

This week we go through John 17:1-19, as we continue our study of John.

We look at the prayer of Jesus, and expand on the significance of – the meaning behind – what He prays for. In getting to know the Lord more, this is a phenomenal verse to get a clear view of what Jesus delights in, and what implications that has for us.

The Gospel of John: The Disciple and What to Expect

After a snow-day off last week, we are starting 2015…by continuing our study of the Gospel of John from 2014.

The Gospel of John: Jesus Teaches Discipleship

The passage for today is found in John 15:11-26.In order to apply the command to love one another we first need to understand both the command and the virtue of love from the perspective of abiding in Christ. This kind of love is in conflicting contrast to the world.

The Gospel of John: Love and the Disciples

The passage for today is found in John 14:14-31. In this passage, Jesus explains God’s love to his disciples. As he does this, there are two questions to keep in mind. First, what does love from God look like. Second, what does love from God produce.

The Gospel of John: The Disciples’ Hope

Brad takes us through John 13:36 through John 14:2, as we look at Hope in this advent season; the Hope we and the disciples have in Christ, and how that differs from the hope the world offers us – and how our true understanding of that Hope can have nothing short of a life altering impact in how we live our lives.