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*No Podcast* Elements of PAX: Culture

Hi all,

Due to a broken A2D (analog-to-digital, the magic box that gets our audio from the sound board into the computer for your listening pleasure), we are podcastless again this week. A crack squad of audio savants has been dispatched to buy a new one.

Sorry for leaving you without a podcast for two weeks in a row. We should be up and running soon.


*No Podcast* Elements of PAX: Value

Apologies, but there will be no podcast this week due to tech issues.
We promise to have our act together in a week.



Elements of PAX: Faith

September is a time of restart.  Back to school, back from summer, and back to work.

We like to take this time to review the fundamentals about what defines PAXnorth, starting with our Faith.
God is central, Jesus is primary, and our spiritual life is for everyday.

If you’re new to our church, this is a great primer on what we’re about.
If you’re back after a time away, or if you’ve never left, this is a great time to reset and reflect on where God is taking us a church. Be open to course correction.