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Acts: Missio Christi

The Realities of an Everyday, Functional Gospel

Brad takes us into Acts 14 and we look at what Paul’s actions teach us about how the Gospel affects – should affect – the function of everyday life, specifically our:

  • comforts
  • worship
  • risk-aversion

The Gospel Effect: A New Narrative

This week Brad preached on the narrative of the gospel and its effect on those who hear it. He describes how this new narrative has a transforming effect, is confrontative in nature, and is surprisingly beautiful.

Biblical Theology: Do I need to know that?

We take an work through a major chunk of Acts this week, focusing in on biblical theology, and its necessity in our lives, and how it is communicated to us, and to our community.


How Not to Lose the Truth of the Gospel

Brad takes us through Acts 13, as we see how we should live out and preach the Gospel through the example of the early church.

Rehearsing the Sovereignty of God

Brad continues our series going through the book of Acts, focusing on the sovereignty of God over the course of the churchs history, and within our own lives.

Mordecai Discovers a Plot

Our brother Pete Lindeman, from our planted church Grace Village in the valley, joins us and our series in Acts to talk about…the book of Esther?

The story of Mordecai and Esther is a surprisingly fitting companion to our study of the birth and growth of the early Church in Acts – imperfect people, acting imperfectly, being graciously woven into God’s great plan and story of redemption.

Trusting in the Goodness of God

Brad takes us through Acts chapter 11, looking at how trusting in God’s goodness, while not always easy, shapes our goodness and the goodness of the Church at large.

Acts: Missio Christi: The Scandalous Gospel

Brad takes us through Acts chapter 10,focusing on the infectious work of the gospel as it spreads to the gentiles.

Peter’s Work: From the Wondrous to the Preposterous to the Scandalous

Brad takes us through Acts 9:31-10:8, looking at miracles.
Through wondrous, preposterous, and scandalous miracles, we see:

  • how a miracle is defined,
  • the purpose of miracles, and
  • the reach of miracles

Who Gets God’s Grace

Brad walks us through Acts Chapter 9, looking at the conversion of Saul and what that teaches us about God’s grace.