PAXmen / PAXwomen

If you’re new to PAXnorth Church one of the best ways to get involved and get to know the folks you sit next to on Sunday mornings is to plug into one of our upcoming PAXmen or PAXwomen events. The purpose of these events are simply to enjoy some fun together and get to know each other outside the context of Sunday church. Everyone is invite so grab a friend and get in on the fun each month!

If you have been here for few months and are looking to explore more of what it means to journey further in serving and growing alongside of PAXnorth there are several options for you to plug into:

  • Get plugged into Gospel Journey 101.
    What is Journey 101? This study is designed to be the first steps of introduction for those who are investigating being a deeper part of the PAXnorth community, either for a part of or for the lifetime of their spiritual journey. This study will unfold for you the biblical foundations from which PAXnorth finds expression. Gospel Journey 101
  • Sign up for some hands-serving opportunities by becoming part of our set-up teams or connecting into some of the on-going missional outreach in our neighbourhood. Get involved!
  • Take advantage of the prayer opportunities.
    7pm on Monday nights at PAXnorth [complete prayer focus for our church, out community and for each other].
    7 am on Tuesday mornings meet in front of PAXnorth to ‘put feet to your prayer’ as we walk around and pray for our neighbourhood.Ge
     Get Involved!