We are seeking for those who will
pray honestly and give generously to
reach across barriers and into the city
with the Gospel of Christ.

If you are a part of PAXnorth we see our giving as an act of worship and obedience to encouraging our church in growing disciples and impacting our community. We are excited that you have felt the need to continue growing by giving regularly to your church families needs.

Further in our Gospel Journey 202 (PAXnorth’s ongoing discipling focus) we have put together an article on the joys, struggles, and encouragements of giving regularly. If you would like to receive this teaching article please email our admin assistant at

If you are an outside supporter we want to THANK you for considering us as part of your mission in God’s work. First, we want to encourage you to be a regular supporter of the church that you attend and the mission God has called them to. Then, we want you to know that we have grown, and are growing.
When we started PAXnorth in 2008, 98% of our funding came from generous individual donors and partnering churches; in both the U.S.A and Canada outside of our few PAXnorth families.

Since then we have grown steadily in both our needs and in seeing our church take responsibility for our giving.
We have met our budget twice in the last five years. We have been careful to keep our internal church needs (excluding salary) in tune with our internal giving (i.e. rent, kids ministry, sound, tech, etc.); And have sought to keep our outreach to our neighbourhood and salary covered by external giving.
    As of the beginning of 2013 we have seen some shift in this- internally we are seeing our church family give 40% of our budgeted needs. This is a tremendous sign of not just numerical growth, but of our people becoming responsible disciples in Christ.
    We continue to serve in a high risk community, therefore, do not foresee a time when we won’t need some external support to reach our community well even as our internal numbers and needs grow.  

We are able to receive financial support three ways:

1. By regular giving at PAXworship. For a tax receipt place your offering in an envelope with a name and address written on the envelope (or with a cheque that has a clear current address printed on it).

Cheques can be made out to PAXnorth Church.

For automatic withdraw:
   2. By post dated Checks made out to PAXnorth Church/or Fellowship Atlantic 

Memo: PAXnorth Church
Mailed to Fellowship Atlantic
c/o Glenn Goode
39 Olive Ave.
Bedford, Nova Scotia

3.  Online Giving
STEP 1 –– Contact Glenn Goode, our regional director, to receive a ten digit account 

STEP 2— If you have already received a ten digit account number shown on the quarterly giving statements, use this number as your bank’s online banking number.

STEP 3 — Search for the payee named Fellowship Atlantic and proceed as if paying a bill.

Note: In order for your designation to go to PAXnorth your ten digit number
needs to begin with “1” If you wish to donate monies to Fellowship Atlantic
your ten digit number must begin with “0” (both would have the same last
nine digits however the 1 at the beginning would designate givings to PAXnorth)

If you need further assistance please email our admin assistant at