Discipleship Groups

Value Discipleship Groups (or D-Groups as we like to call them) are groups of people who are committed to grow and live out the good news of redemption through Jesus. This is first done in the building of authentic spiritual relationships centered on peer to peer discipleship and secondly in living out the mission of reaching our community together, in both small ways and larger contexts.

Small Group is NOT:

  • a ‘small group’
  • a bible study
  • a support group
  • a social cause group
  • a weekly meeting

Note: This is not to say that some of thee result might not happen, but only to point out that the Value D-Groups primarily function around ‘gospeling’ life together. This takes priority in both relationship growth and community impact.
NOTE: Gospel Journey 101 is required before getting into a Discipleship Group

Sign up for D-Groups has begun! Email for more details.

Youth Discipleship Groups (Grades 6-12)

New for 2013 are our Youth Discipleship groups.

We are firm believers that the discipleship of children is primarily the responsibility of their parents and that Christ should be at the center of every home. With this in mind, we have designed our Youth Discipleship program  not to be a replacement for the consistent, patient, and gentle guiding by parents, but a compliment to and a reflection of the teachings that parents and their students are receiving on Sunday mornings.

Students from grades 6 through 12 participate alongside their parents on Sunday mornings. Youth D-Group hosts an event the last Friday of every month which provides students with an opportunity to serve, connect, and reach out to friends. For more information please email