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The Holy Spirit

PENTECOST -Sermon delivered by C.H. Spurgeon- May 24th, 1963 Here’s the full quote that I shared this past Sunday, Oct2, 2016 “How absolutely necessary is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit! It is not possible for us to promote the glory of God or to bless the souls of men, unless the Holy …

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  WE MOVED!  New Time: 4PM New Location: 2535 Robie Street (All Nations Church) Just around the corner from our old location (Souls Harbour Church) Here’s the directions! Hope to see ya there!

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Q&C from Sunday Sept27 Christians and Politics [should Christians be starting revolutions?]

We started the precarious walk through I Timothy 2 last week. Typically after someone has read our text on Sunday, during worship, they end with reminding the congregation, “This is the Word of God”. The congregation then affirms, which has been part of church history, their willingness to submit to the text with a response …

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Q&C prt1 Sunday Sept13, 2015 [from the law to slavery to Christian Hypocrisy]

I Timothy 1:1-11 was our kick-off passage for our Fall Series I Timothy:: God’s Design for the Church      The main thrust of I Timothy 1 is that God has designed the church with and for Gospel Clarity (to hear more of this take some time and listen to the podcast)   We had …

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Questions and Comments

    Since the inception of PAXNorth Church we have tried to make room for Questions and Comments following the morning sermon. Here’s how it works: ~ we ask people to fill out a comment/question card with, something that stuck out to them, or something they want to ask. ~ then we gather the comments …

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