Gospel Journey 202

This class (as well as Gospel Journey 101) is required to become a member of PAXnorth. We believe that this


will give you a strong foundation for understanding the basics of Biblical Theology and helping you to understand how a church is designed to live ‘missionally’ in its culture. Whether your a brand new believer or if you already hold a PHD in theological studies we would require these classes for membership because they also teach the basics of how PAX is governed and how we find expression as an intentional gospel community.

Typically in the church there has been  a blemished track record of allowing members to become observers while an exhausted, burnt out pastor and staff do all the work in the church and the community around it. PAXnorth is committed to creating a model that reflects God’s heart for his children, an organic composition of hearts and hands living out the gospel with more than lip service. Being a member is about more than having exclusive access; it is not a status symbol or social club. A member who acknowledges they are a part of the body of Christ and enters into a covenant with their local church is called to a higher degree of responsibility and a greater commitment to serve for the collective work of the Gospel; conversely, the elders and deacons are covenanted to assist their members first and foremost, to provide counsel, service, and aid, as well as to pray, teach, and guide as necessary.


“Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without complaining. Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve for one another with whatever gift each of you have received.”

                                                                                                      -I Peter 4: 8-10

To transition from a interested person to an active member of PAXnorth, we ask that you attend this foundational class, where we shall look at an overview of Christian essentials with time for questions and discussion. For those who have desired to call PAXnorth their home, this class will lay out for you a general map of being connected, discipled and effectively serving alongside each other . In summary this is more than a survey of beliefs; content includes an overview of the gospel, the church, culture, and how this practically spins out into our lives individually and corporately. Therefore, everyone considering PAXnorth for their home should attend; this class is a requirement in the process of becoming a member.

From a practical perspective, the following items need to be completed in the following order to become a member at PAXnorth

  •  Sign up for Gospel 101 and 202  (on line sign-up coming soon)
  •  Attend gospel classes (101 & 202)
  •  Complete required classes
  •  Complete required paperwork
  •  Complete your Member Interview
  •  Participate in a onetime New Members Meeting

NEXT GJ 202 starts Wednesday, January 29 – 6:30 @PAXnorth space .
Sign up or get more info at 


Value D-Groups and Gospel Journey 101

The Place to Connect::Grow:: Serve -  Discipleship Groups and Gospel Journey 101!  

Value Discipleship Groups are the heart of growing together in our spiritual walks at PAXnorth. It doesn’t matter if you are a spiritual skeptic, or are convinced of Christ we all need to work out our spiritual life in the context of a community of grace and truth. This is what is offered in PAXnorth’s D-groups.
  Value D-Groups allow for us to work into and out of our lives the truth of what we have been learning on Sundays.
WAIT JUST A MINUTE…. before you sign up for a D-group we ask that you work through the basics of theology and mission that make up PAXnorth’s DNA through a Gospel Journey 101 study.
Our next  GJ101 has started, Sunday Nights, 5:30 . It is still not to late to plug into this (last week to get plugged in).We wil start the next one on an as needed basis. To particapte email to

Real Beauty “Song of Songs”

Reviewing and Prepping for Sunday’s first full focus on Song of Solomon [ Song of Songs 1:1-11]

Take a look at this video Dove commerical

What do you think? About beauty? About how we see ourself? About the importance of these?

 ” I have some work to do on myself…. [beauty, how we see ourselves] couldn’t be more critical to our life” – Dove participant 


He IS Risen!! Easter weekend is almost here! I hope you have had a growing sense of anticipation over the week.
We want to help you celebrate the incredible reality of God’s grace to us!
Good Friday @ PAXnorth 7pm
Much of Christ:: Was the death of Jesus necessary?

Easter Morning @ PAXnorth 10:30am 
(coffee WILL be there! bring chocolate to share)
Much of Christ :: Is it necessary to believe in an actual resurrection?

Easter Supper @ PAXnorth 4pm [the Easter Feast-er!] 4pm
Easter is a time of celebration, and for many of us, a celebration isn’t complete without food.
This is also a huge day for us as believers in a risen Christ, and we would be honored if you would like to spend this holiday with your Church family, especially if you don’t have family here in Halifax. We are planning on having a great big dinner late on Sunday afternoon. We’ll start around 4 at the church. Bring food to share for dinner, board games, and maybe even snacks for afterwards. If you need an idea of what to bring, contact Holly and she’ll point you in the right direction.
Hope to see you there. He is risen indeed – Holly Algra

April 7 Easter Follow Up- Christ is risen…now what?
Much of Christ:: Is Jesus necessary for today?
Interested in being baptized or have a child to be dedicated?
Email to receive details and set up an appointment.

Notes from Palms Sunday

Hey PAXnorth Folks…

Last week’s sermon was chock full of scripture references – too many to go through all of them during service. So, we’ve put them onto the site for you to download and go through on your own. Enjoy!

Also, just a reminder that we will be holding an evening service at 7pm on Good Friday, March 29th. We look forward to seeing you there. God Bless!


PAXnorth turns 5!

Come join us for worship, then stick around for some food, fellowship, music, and mmmmmaybe even some dancin’!


PAXnorth Church, 5563 Cunard Street.


Worship starts at 10:30am… party will go on into the wee hours of the afternoon.


Bring some food to share! :)

Download funky poster here.


Here’s some visuals from the day’s events:

How do you ‘Kick Off’ Advent?

God in Full Humanity::Full Divinity = Advent

We held our ‘kick-off’ to Advent service last night at PAXnorth Church. Maybe your like a lot of people at PAXnorth who commented, “I’ve never been to or heard of a Kick-Off Advent service before.”
“Advent” - ORIGIN Old English, from Latin adventus ‘arrival,’ from advenire, from ad- ‘to’ + venire ‘come.’
 Advent is an anticipated arrival. 
 December has been the traditional month to celebrate the anticipated arrival of Jesus Christ. Whom Christians hold and the Bible teaches is God come close to mankind, in human flesh. To consider this possibility is to be left wonder-struck with both possibilities and questions.

Questions like: Why? Why would God consider putting on flesh and walking among mankind, His creation? Why would he live in obscurity? Why only come to a small part of the world in a relatively small population? Why choose this time in history? How? How could this happen? How could God who is wholly Other become one of us? How could God not merely come and fix all the problems as pure Deity? What? What was God’s purpose? What did God hope to accomplish by becoming a baby, growing up in a family, living in the context of a messy world, being rejected and hated, followed and disavowed? What could be the end of such a cruel death, and then an alleged resurrection? Where? Where is He now? Where is this going?

These are good questions that need honest reflection and clear answers. Advent points us to the possibilites of truth in the midst of these questions. Our advent service and subsequent Advent Sunday services highlight these possibilites. I pray that they will inspire you to ask the above questions again with an open heart and a fixed mind that God IS up to something awe-filled and wonderous. It starts before creation and has yet to reach full culmination but it DOES center on a baby in a manger. God came in full humanity and full divinity.
Advent is a time to be struck with the truth that although you are here, alive, with a history, a present and an unknown future- THIS is not about you (or me). An honest reflection on the possibility that God has come in the flesh and what this means for our world should push us to realize that THIS is God’s story. God has written you into His story. He doesn’t behave as a bit actor in the background of your own personal reality T.V. show. But He is both the writer, producer and main character of the full story. He has made us in such a way that we can find true hope, peace, joy, love, redemption only to the degree we are connected to Him. This is where the wonder and celebration of Advent- the anticipated coming of Christ- begins. An acknowledgement that my life is not really about me. My life holds greater implications and possibilities then my own history, present happiness or the vapours of a legacy I might leave. My life can be found and made to have eternal significance because it is couched in the plan and purposes of God.

In the next couple of posts I will highlight how we understand and wrestle with, the truths of advent. Our hope is that this will move you to REFLECT, ACT, and ANTICIPATE the truth of Christ!


What makes the church the Church? I Corinthians 1

Is there really a proper way to “do church”? Can’t I do church alone in my room, or on the golf course with some buddies, or simply by hanging out with a group of  my irreligious friends who grew up churched and are just sick of it so we meet up for a brew and talk about spiritual stuff? Isn’t this all the church? Or maybe it’s even a better expression of the church then what I grew up with? Aren’t the old rules of what is church or not church archaic? Isn’t that old expression of church just a place where ‘good ol’ boys’ create rules? Or maybe it’s just a place where we can collectively join and organize in doing good things for our community?

 What makes the church the Church? 

The church is the Church:

  • BY the power of God and NOT the wisdom of man  I Cor. 1 vs17-25
  • FOR a demonstration of God’s glory not man’s ingenuity I Cor. 1 vs 26-31

In I Corinthians 1:17-31 Paul is deeply concerned about what has been passing for church at the Church of Corinth.
Several times in the first half of this book Paul uses the phrase “It has been reported” as he begins to tackle very strong dysfunctional issues in the church. The reports have both been told to him and in some cases are known through out the community in which they live.
The issues range from:
- a vicarious living of their spiritual holiness through the words and works of ‘celebrity’ leaders (a kind of inflated wisdom being passed off as true holiness).
- an inability to deal with blatant sexual sin and attitudes towards sexuality in the church (a twisted version of tolerance as they brag about how they allow people to just be themselves)
- an inflated understanding of their own personal rights expressed in taking each other to court

This all results in the Church at Corinth trying to be ‘Christian’ in name but just like the world in function. Paul’s response is that the church is not merely a christianized version of the world!

Maybe some or all of these are the same reasons people in our culture give on why they DON’T go to Church. “Why do we/you even care about that? Why are these even being brought up? I think it would be easier to just live my spirituality out on my own and make my own rules. Adjust my own behaviour as I think I might need to in the moment. Why can’t I just live and let live as a Christian? Can’t I just connect with God on my own and in my own terms with out the rest of this kinda judgemental crap that goes around the church?”

The short answer, to the original question above, from this particular passage is ‘No’. You can’t live out church on your own, or with a group of buddies who just hang out and talk about spiritual things AND you can’t live in a church that is like the Church of Corinth. Neither of these are what makes the church the church.
A couple of quick things to consider as you start looking at what is the church- and this is what Paul points to:

We need the Gospel to be the church. Not merely our opinion of the Gospel or a truth that you once affirmed by a sincere  prayer- but a Gospel that is understood and functions from God’s perspective. [What does God think of the Gospel?] In a nut shell the gospel is the full story of God’s redemptive work in both our world and in the lives of His people. It includes the truth that God created all things to reflect HIS glory, which entails all of us. The powerful truth is God WILL get glory from our lives. The redemptive work of God is His receiving glory from our lives because we have been placed into a true relationship with Him.
   The Gospel from God’s perspective is a demonstration of His righteousness (God’s right standing of being fully Holy). Romans 1:16 is a familiar quote of many of those who grow up in churches, and I whole heartedly agree; But often the thought stops there, with the goodnews of Christ coming to be my substitute on the cross so that I can gain a transformed life. Paul goes on to describe for us the Gospel from God’s perspective. Romans 1:17-18  and then further Romans 3:21-26 describe for us that the Gospel demonstrates to humanity God’s righteousness, His complete ‘other-ness’, His Holiness! Where in the Bible do we see the greatest demonstration of the Holy wrath of God, because God is SO holy? Adam and Eve being kicked out of Eden? The terrible judgement at Noah’s flood? The earth opening up to swallow up the opponents of Moses? The dreadful instruction to Israel to purge the land before taking up residence? NO. At the cross of Jesus (the Gospel) God puts on full display His righteous wrath for the sin of mankind. And Christ becomes the ‘propitiation’ (the wrath bearer) in our place.
According to the first few chapters of Romans this is what is revealed about God at the cross. He is ‘OTHER’, completely Holy and His actions at the cross are the actions of a righteous God.
This is the powerful truth that Paul is reminding the dysfunctional church in I Corinthians. It is not the clever opinion or argument that brings us salvation. It is not the wisdom of man that results in an authentic holiness (a holiness we hold in our head but not in our life). “The word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”  Do you see the connection? The righteous wrath of God has been displayed and appeased at the cross. God’s wrath fully poured out on His Son on the cross- for the satisfaction of His glory and as an invitation of receiving this as God’s gracious gift to us. In a word- redemption. It is not through the wise words of spiritual leaders that we are made holy/complete in Christ. It is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4) and the through the folly of the cross that God opens up the doors for “the foolish in the world to shame the wise”.
Now the power of God is to be at work and put on display in His Church. The Gospel power of God in the Church is seen when those who are His kids display His righteousness by living out this understanding of the Gospel in a community of Christ-centered relationships! Yes we need the Gospel of Christ to be made holy but we also NEED the community of Church (even when it’s messy) to apply this holiness in transforming ways.