the EXILE life – I Peter

I Peter begins with a greeting to the “elect exiles” This statement sets the tone for Peter’s instructions to the early church in a small region of Asia minor.

This region was a true cross roads of an indigenous population who lived within close proximity to each other. Many of who were not willing to assimilate into the Greco-Roman culture. They held their languages, culture and religious practice as part of their distinction. It is in this cultural environment that the early church is born and begins to live out its new identity, including those who were dispersed converted Jews.

The instructions that the Apostle Peter, the great patriarch of the Church, gives in this book has been a guide, a correction and a solace to the church for centuries. It continues to shape the true church today. Those who are living out the reality that ‘this world is not our home’ and are feeling the counter-cultural push of rejection, loss and even persecution have turned to I Peter as their script for normal Christian life in a broken world.

The big themes that we will be moving through as we listen to Peter’s instructions for The Chosen Exiles (1:1-2:12)-The EXile’s Life (2:13-4:11}- The Exile’s Hope (4:12-5:14) include being identified with Christ in suffering; Growing in a consistent way towards holiness; Living out an authentic and attractive witness in our own culture; Delighting and finding strength in the community of faith, the church; Living today in the hope of God’s promised glory in our future.

Want to get the most out this series?

1. Read the entire book from start to end in one sitting.
2. Listen to an audio reading of the entire book in one sitting.
3. Pick out one or two sections to memorize.
4. Come (or podcast listen) ready to take notes, ask questions, and learn.

Looking forward to what we will learn together.

Soli Deo Gloria,


Gospel Journey

Our first of three Gospel Journey classes of the fall starts tomorrow night,Sept.23 at 7pm!
The other two classes are Oct 1 and Oct 8

Thank you for all those who have signed up already. If you are wanting an introduction to what PAX is all about or are wanting to become more involved, this class is for you. All three classes are required to become a covenant member of PAXnorth.

Be sure to sign up with Essie at before tomorrow afternoon.

We can provide childcare if you just let us know that you require it!

NEHEMIAH: Renewed:: Rebuilt:: Reformed

The life of a Christian should not be a life of stagnation. In fact I don’t know many people, of faith or not of faith, who are filled with purpose, contentment and marked by joy but are simply living a life of unengaged apathy.
The picture of living out of the resources secured for us in Christ is stated in I Thessalonians 5:16-17 as:
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (ESV) (my emphasis)
A life marked by joy that is in constant dependence and in thankful contentment, no matter what our circumstance might be – this is what God wills for us to enjoy in Christ.
The Book of Nehemiah helps us see that from the everyday calling of our lives to even the extreme circumstances- living out God’s Kingdom purposes, God’s way, will shape us into a life time of spiritual growth. As believers we are to be in a constant state of being renewed, rebuilt and reformed.


Labour Day Weekend PAXnorth Annual Camping Trip

LABOUR DAY WEEKEND is the PAXnorth ANNUAL Camping trip weekend.
Join us for a relaxing weekend of swimming, playing games, and church family time.
Where? Blomidon Bible Camp
When? Friday late afternoon, August 30 – Sunday morning, September 1
Cost? $15 for individuals, $30 for families (Give cash to Essie at camp)

The Details:
Show up on Friday in time for a 5:30 dinner. Supper on both Friday and Saturday night will be provided.

Church on Sunday will be held at Canning Baptist at 10:30am

To bring: bedding/sleeping bag; tent (if tenting); toiletries; swimsuit; lawn games/sports equipment; your own breakfast, lunch, & snack foods (there is a BBQ, stove, pizza oven, and fridge space available)

*If you are joining, please contact Essie at ASAP.
Please specify how many nights you will be staying, how many are in your party, if you want a cabin, and any dietary restrictions.


WE ARE CHALLENGING PAXnorth Church- young and old- to memorize scripture for the next year


STARTING July,2019 TO JUNE,2020

1) We will be memorizing well known and familiar selected scriptures.

2) Each Scripture memory challenge will be listed in our Facebook Scripture Memory Group as a separate conversation thread as we move through the year.

3) Within each Scripture memory challenge will be a week by week breakdown of memory work. This will include the verse or verses for that week as well as some devotional thoughts and application questions.

4) After we have moved through a Scripture memory challenge we will be hosting a Challenge Brunch. We’ll use this time as a fun time with some memory games to see how we have done.


1) Take the Challenge

2) Join this group

2) Begin to take the Scripture Memory challenge with your family, friends, roommates, Missional Community, DNA group.

3) Memorize the scriptures listed. Work through the devotionals and questions with others (family, friends, roommates, missional communities, DNA groups etc.)

4) Sign up to attend the Challenge Breakfasts. Rehearse the memory texts together.


X Commandments: For Life and Freedom

Through out the Summer Months we will be studying through the Ten Commandments.

(Don’t roll your eyes). The ten commandments are an important part of God’s revealing Himself to His people. They are a central part of the gift of moral law that God graciously gave to his people so that they might live in the freedom of a life lived in harmony with Him, their Creator, Rescuer and God who wants to be with them.

They also are impossible for anyone to fully or confidently keep (that’s probably why you were rolling your eyes).
This doesn’t mean however that they are defunct. This doesn’t mean that they are has-been, gone-by’s.

are the responsibilities of living rightly in order to enjoy the freedom that is found in a relationship with God Almighty.
Are not a list of do’s and don’ts to make God happy with you so you can get on His good side and get stuff from Him.
Are a reflection of God’s design for spiritual and human relationships.
Are not a ladder that we somehow use to climb ourselves into God’s goodness.
Are a mirror in which we see ourselves and our need for God’s grace.
Are not defunct Old Testament laws that have no bearing on life lived in our present day.
Are an expounding (the practical application) of Jesus’ words to the “trixie” 
Pharisees who asked what the greatest commandment was Matthew 22:36-40.

 – Are a basis for moral restraint of evil in a self-centred culture
Are designed to teach us our deep need for Saviour outside of ourselves.


SUNDAYS COMING! Join us this week to reflect, worship and celebrate.

4PM- Good Friday, April 19 (Shortened service)
I Corinthians 15:20-23 (selected vs 50-56)
Can’t We Live an Enjoyable Life without the Resurrection?

4PM- Resurrection Sunday!! April 21

I Corinthians 15:24-28 (selected vs 50-56)
Can’t We Delight in God without the Resurrection?

Easter Sermon Series

EASTER SERIES: What’s So Important About the Resurrection?

 All services are at 4pm at our church space

Text: I Corinthians 15

April 7 – Jeff Eastwood (Pastor/Elder from Grace Baptist Church in PEI) 
I Corinthians 15:1-11
 Can’t We Have Good News Without the Resurrection?
  Focus:  Answering the question – What does the Resurrection have to do with the Gospel? The Gospel is incomplete and therefore not truly good news if there is no life, death, burial and new resurrected life secured in Jesus.

April 14 – Brad Somers
I Corinthians 15:12-19
 Can’t We Have Good Feelings of Faith Without the Resurrection?
  Focus:  Answering the  question -What does the Resurrection have to do with a true and living faith? True and living faith is not simply sincere belief. It is grounded in the truth of Christ and His resurrection.

4PM- Good Friday April 19- Brad Somers

I Corinthians 15:20-23 (selected vs 50-56)
    Can’t We Live an Enjoyable Life without the Resurrection?
Focus:  Answering the question -What does the Resurrection have to do with living in a broken world? If there is no resurrection then we should not/ indeed could not live a life that is anything more then the sum of here and now. Ecclesiastes is all there is. The sting of death is  the final end and indeed sin has won.

Resurrection Sunday!! April 21 – Brad Somers

I Corinthians 15:24-28 (selected vs 50-56)

  Can’t We Delight in God without the Resurrection?
Focus: Answer the Question -What does the Resurrection have to do with Theology? The resurrection ultimately causes us to live in the delightful submission, alongside our Elder Brother Jesus, in worship before God.

Sunday April 28 – Brad Somers

I Corinthians 15: 39-49
   Can’t We Have Eternal Hope without the Resurrection?
Focus: Answering the Question -What does the Resurrection have to do with living in Christ? Because of the resurrection we have been and will be made new in Christ. The resurrection and ascension of Christ- the exaltated position He was given by God- changes and marks
everything that is daily Christian living!

Why and How to Participate in Lent

   Last night, in the traditional church calendar, was ASH WEDNESDAY. The day set aside to symbolically cover yourself in the ashes of humility and repentance as you draw close to God heading towards the joys of Easter. We encourage our Church to participate in Lent.

    Lent is an extended period (40days) of fasting and seeking God in anticipating and preparation of  Easter. Throughout the days of Lent we fast (purge/detox) and we practice active repentance (refill/renew and serve others). Each Sunday of Lent is meant to be a day of celebration. A thanking God for Christ’s saving work at Easter!

   What Lent is NOT: Not simply one season of time to feel sorrow for your sin or brokenness. Not a substitute for everyday repentance and subsequence grace. Not merely a time of self discipline for personal gratification (i.e. weight loss, eat better, rest more, better spent free time). Nor is it a means by which we can build our own self-righteousness so that God might be more pleased with us. We are pleasing to God because we are in Christ already. We are accepted by God because of Jesus’ victory at Easter.

   What Lent IS: Lent has a sense of Job 42:6. There is an emphasis placed on the limits of our mortality, and our sorrow for sin but it doesn’t stop there. It is to be a daily awareness, as we fast, of our continued need of Christ as we live in relationship with God.

  LENT in this way:

  – Don’t just pick what your fasting or purging from but why. 

I heard on a podcast a list of the items most people fasted from for Lent 2016 :

  Top 8:  fizzy drinks, coffee, sweets, meat, school, social media, alcohol, and chocolate (yeah ‘school’?!)

These may all be good things to lent from- my concern is when and why we choose what we lent from. What are the on-going spiritual obstacles in your life? The sinful habits, attitudes or false idols (those things that you feel will some how rescue you from your present struggles of living) that you keep turning to? Those very things that cause you to trust in yourself or in anything else for your worth, ultimate joy or significance?

FASTING STEP 1 – Purge/Detox

   Pick one or two of the big patterns of your life that, when you look back over the years or months, you can see that you have tried to replace the God who has made you with this sinful habit.
   Lent is a time of repentance where you participate with God’s Spirit in detoxing or purging your life of this things you have turned to for comfort, control, self-gratification instead of engaging with and trusting in the God who knows you. Take steps to detox or purge the environment in which you live life of those things that become triggers to continue in these patterns of sin.

FASTING STEP 2- Refill/Renew

    Pick one or two new patterns that you would like to pray for God to start or renew in you. Begin to fill the voids of the detox not simply with self-efforts but with new or renewed ways of connecting your life to God. I.e instead of decompressing on junk rest (facebook, instagram, etc) begin to journal through one of the Gospels or through a lent guide; Instead of consuming your time with lust or hidden fantasies read through Psalms 20-60 -one a day- rewrite the Psalm into your own prayer to God. OR read Pilgrim’s Progress over the 40 days of Lent;
      Be creative; The important thing is by turning your attention to God in prayer and personal worship you will begin to grow more and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s, leading and promptings.

FASTING STEP 3- Reach Out To Others

   You have picked a true spiritual struggle in your life. Have made steps to purge your environment from triggers that habitually lead you into sin. Have committed to some personal alternative actions to refill and renew your focus on the good work of growing in delight of the cross and in communion with the Holy Spirit. It’s time now to walk repentance out by serving others. Find ways that you can quietly or secretly serve others. The ways should be in keeping with the sinful habit you are asking God to change in your life. If you are in a small group or have a couple close Christian friends ask them to join you in Lent and make time to meet with them weekly to talk about what you are learning, how God is moving during this time of Lent and to pray.

If you are a comfort eater ( are in the habit of making food your idol). Purge/detox from this habit; Fill your time that you would be eating with time of worship (reading scripture, praying, prayer walking, writing a Psalm into a prayer, etc, etc); Plan on two times during lent of buying groceries for a needy family or friend and surprising them with it or have it delivered to their house anonymously. Make plans to meet with a couple of friends weekly to be accountable to your Lent repentance and progress.

2. If you struggle with lust and fantasy (are in the habit of making fantasy your place of entitlement). Purge/detox the environment where and when you tend to do this most. Fill your time with reading Pilgrims Progress, or the Psalms, praying, or reading a Christian biography. Plan on writing a note of encouragement to those in your life of the opposite sex who demonstrate godliness, thank them for their commitment and example for following Christ, send it to them in the mail anonymously. Make plans to meet with a couple of friends weekly to be accountable to your Lent repentance and progress.

These are just simple suggestions. But repentance means an active participation of the sinner alongside of the Holy Spirit in the ‘having been set free from sin’ truth of our lives.
Be creative but keep your heart focused on Christ’s good work accomplished on the cross so that you could be set free in Him.

  We don’t encourage Lent because that’s what good Christians do (legalism).  We encourage Lent because we are fickle of faith. Fasting/Spiritual Disciplines is a Biblical means of both restarting, continuing and experiencing the graces of repentance and faith. You can fast, pray and repent anytime in your year – this period of time happens to end with a corporate celebration of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and so seems all the more sweet.

  Attached is a few resources for you to consider using as you go through the 40 days of Lent. You may find that Lent is a good time to jump start a new spiritual discipline in your life as you seek God out -take a look at these suggestions.

Brad Somers

lead PAXnorth Church

Advent Through the Psalms

This Sunday Kicks Off  
Advent through the Psalms


PAX will be anticipating the advent of Christ through the Psalms. Israel planned prepared and waited for the promise of God, the coming of the promised Messiah. When the promised Messiah came he would bring in the promised Kingdom. We are planning, preparing and waiting for Christmas. The Messiah has come and we will party, celebrate, share food and share gifts. The kingdom has been inaugurated and secured by the birth and death of Jesus our Messiah. Still we wait, plan, and prepare. These weeks leading up to Christmas day spend some time praying through the Psalms. They are ancient songs of anticipating the promise.

Week 1: The Promise of a Saviour

   Focus: The need for saving. Christ as both the Forgiveness from wrath and Righteousness for life
TEXT: Psalm 72; 

Week 2: (baptism and Christmas Party) A Promise With Personal Meaning

    Focus: Salvation offered- personal transformation. Christ as both God’s personal means of Saving and our only means of spiritual transformation (Heavy Gospel call this Sunday)
TEXT: Psalm 85:4-10

Week 3: The Promise Worth Living

  Focus: Salvation is for living (exampled in Shepherds/Angels) The Goodnews of Jesus is to be enjoyed, adored and shared.
TEXT: Psalm 25

Week 4: The Promise For all People 

    Focus: Salvation is for Sharing.  There is a missionary call to the coming of Christ. We are to live in such a way as to be a continued witness to God’s promised saving.
TEXT: Psalm 126

Christmas Eve  4pm – The Promise Kept

Focus: Salvation has arrived and will be realized fully.  We are living in a unique time of Redemptive history. We are to experience a life of grace that is  between the Hallelujah of Christ’s resurrection and the maranatha of Christ’s return.
TEXT: Psalm 146

             More Psalms to pray through over Advent: Psalm 80, 89, 145, 147, 148