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Easter: Freedom in Christ, in Life

On this Easter Sunday, Brad concludes our Easter study of Romans 6. We review and answer the question: “What happens to the believer walks in new life?”

Easter: Freedom in Christ, in Resurrection

On this Palm Sunday, Pete continues our Easter study of Romans 6.

When we encounter the enormity of God’s grace – expressed completely by Christ at the cross – we are forced to re-examine our relationship with sin: how we define it, and what our freedom in Christ against sin looks like as Christians.


Easter: Death

Our good friend Pete gives us an update on the church plant in the Valley, and proceeds to take us through Romans 6.

We look at the Grace of God – perfectly expressed through the crucified and risen Saviour, Christ. What does encountering this Grace mean for us? How should it – how does it – change us?

How should we, touched and changed by Grace, view and deal with sin?

Post-Summer Reboot: Romans and Church; Faith and Value

As we welcome students back, and return after a summer of vacations, we’re taking a two week break between sermon series to revisit WHAT we believe, and how – and why – we are instructed to do church. Today, Brad takes us through Romans 12:1-13

In Christ: Indispensable to Identity and Living

Today Brad taught through Romans 8. Paul, in this passage, shows us that our identity in Christ gives us the fruit of the Spirit, which enables us to live new lives, and it gives us our primary motivation to live according to God’s law. We no longer live according to the law of sin and death, but according to the law of the Spirit of life.

Redemption Sent: Justification

Much of Romans, but especially Chapter 3, deals with the fact that we are justified by Christ. In other areas of our life, like school or work, we use our own righteousness or achievements to justify ourselves. But before God, Jesus’ death gives us the gift not only of forgiveness – by paying our debt to God – but also of righteousness – by conquering sin and rising from death.

Redemption Sent: Wisdom Literature

Wisdom literature – the name sometimes given to the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs – needs to be read in the context of how God is redeeming Israel. These books, written by sages and poets, teach us how to become wise: There are really only two ways to live life, with God or against God; true wisdom is about how to live out relationship with God; and wisdom ultimately comes by a work of God, rather than our own intellect.