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The promise with personal meaning

As we continue into advent we encounter God who is directly personal and relational with us. In this weeks advent sermon we focus on who God can be personal with, what makes him personal, and what is needed for him to be personal.

The Promise of a Saviour

Come thou long expected Jesus! As we enter into advent this year, we take time to look at the promise of Christmas through the Psalms. Today we lead off by looking at the promise of a saviour and its implications.

1st Timothy: Designed for Godliness

We continue in chapter 4, and look at Paul’s charge for us to be changed – truly transformed – in Godliness. How is Godliness demonstrated, and what separates that genuine Godliness from surface-deep goodness? Paul also gives us some key guidance in how true Godly transformation should show itself in the outflow of our priorities and habits.

Where Is God When: He Doesn’t Answer

Our friend Pete from Grace Valley Church join us, and takes us through Mark 1:1-8, and looks at where God is, even when He is silent when we call out to Him. Often, when we call out to God, we are really asking God to reveal Himself on our terms – we are looking for good news on a superficial level, not actually wanting to encounter God. In looking at where God is in times of silence, we also need to look in the mirror and examine where our own hearts are. To better check our hearts, Pete takes us through 3 points from the preaching and life of John the Baptist we can apply.

For additional reading, look at Psalm 88.

Where Is God When: His People Are At Their Wits’ End

Vaclav explores Psalm 107 addressing how God delivers his people out of all of their wandering, rebellious and sinful ways when they call on him.

Where is God When: His people face oppression

Nevin explores Psalm 94 to address where God is when His people face oppression. God will prevail against His enemies and bring rescue for His people.

Check out this documentary on the persecuted church.

Where Is God When: I Sin

This week, Nevin continued our series in Psalms, while Brad and his family are on sabbatical. We walked through Psalm 51, and looked at how God is with us even though we sin, and how he cleanses and washes us of that sin, through Jesus’ death.

Where Is God When: Vaclav’s Testimony

This week, our intern Vaclav took a brief interlude from our study in Psalms, to break down some of the ways God has been present in his life and his story of Gods work within it.

Where is God When: I Need Him To Turn Me and Restore My Life Back To Him Again

This week, our intern Vaclav continued our series in Psalms, while Brad and his family are on sabbatical. We walked through Psalm 19, and looked at how God reveals himself in his creation, and his word, and how those things call us to response.


Vaclav has also included an additional video resource, about desiring scripture, which can be viewed here. More info at

Where Is God When: My Affections Are In Danger Of Running After Another God

This week, our intern Vaclav continued our series in Psalms, while Brad and his family are on sabbatical. We walked through Psalm 16, and looked at how David viewed and called to God, and what we can learn about our own affections, and how we hold God in our lives.