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What does it mean to live in the Fear of God? Part 2

As we continue to look at what it means to live in the fear of God, we dial in on what that looks like in a broken world as it’s found in Nehemiah 6:1-16.

What does it mean to live out the fear of God?

What is our is our lives? What are we to do with these things, and how does living out the fear of God effect it?

(Last weeks sermon was lost due to power outage)

What are the effects of rebuilding part 1

Continuing through our sermon series in Nehemiah we consider what the effects of rebuilding are. How does it effect how we understand salvation? how we understand our sanctification?

What will renewal cost?

What does renewal cost? If we set out for renewal what will it cost us personally? What will it cost us publicly?

Where does renewal begin?

Kicking off our fall sermon series of Nehemiah, we look at the everyday realities of what renewal entails