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The Gospel of Luke: Can you trust God’s timing

Can we trust God’s timing? Does God timings have to work on our schedule? What gives us confidence in his timing? As we continue into our sermon series on the Gospel of Luke we unpack some of these ideas.

The Gospel of Luke; What is the purpose of this?

As we kick off the fall and our new sermon series working through the Gospel of Luke, we start off by getting a feel for why Luke wrote the book, and why we ought to listen to him.

The Parables of Jesus: The Rich Fool and Anxious Poor

Nevin takes us through the parable of the Rich Fool and Anxious Poor, in Luke 12:13-31. He reviews how wealth and Jesus fit together.

The Persistent Widow

This week we review the parable of The Persistent Widow – Luke Chapter 18.

Advent Week 3: Sola Gratia

Brad continues walking us through our third week of Advent. This week, we dig into Sola Gratia – Grace Alone.

Looking at Luke 3:1-18 (and Ephesians 2:1), we need to ask ourselves: Are we prepared for Grace? Are we ready?

To help answer that question, consider:

  • What does being prepared for Grace look like?
  • What does being prepared for Grace feel like?
  • What does being people prepared by Grace meannow?

Advent Week 2: Sola Fide (No Podcast)

{Tech note: unfortunately, we were not able to record today’s sermon. Our apologies}

We continue our study of advent and the five solas, focusing this week on Sola Fide – “Faith Alone”.

Digging into Luke 1, some questions to consider:

  • What does waiting in faith look like?
  • What does it feel like?

Brad highlights three key ways God is involved in the gift of faith:

  1. God weaves the reasons for faith (vs 5-45)
  2. God writes the details for faith (vs 57-75)
  3. God makes the application of faith (vs 76-80)