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The Gospel of Luke; What is the purpose of this?

As we kick off the fall and our new sermon series working through the Gospel of Luke, we start off by getting a feel for why Luke wrote the book, and why we ought to listen to him.

The Parables of Jesus: The Rich Fool and Anxious Poor

Nevin takes us through the parable of the Rich Fool and Anxious Poor, in Luke 12:13-31. He reviews how wealth and Jesus fit together.

The Persistent Widow

This week we review the parable of The Persistent Widow – Luke Chapter 18.

Advent Week 3: Sola Gratia

Brad continues walking us through our third week of Advent. This week, we dig into Sola Gratia – Grace Alone.

Looking at Luke 3:1-18 (and Ephesians 2:1), we need to ask ourselves: Are we prepared for Grace? Are we ready?

To help answer that question, consider:

  • What does being prepared for Grace look like?
  • What does being prepared for Grace feel like?
  • What does being people prepared by Grace meannow?

Advent Week 2: Sola Fide (No Podcast)

{Tech note: unfortunately, we were not able to record today’s sermon. Our apologies}

We continue our study of advent and the five solas, focusing this week on Sola Fide – “Faith Alone”.

Digging into Luke 1, some questions to consider:

  • What does waiting in faith look like?
  • What does it feel like?

Brad highlights three key ways God is involved in the gift of faith:

  1. God weaves the reasons for faith (vs 5-45)
  2. God writes the details for faith (vs 57-75)
  3. God makes the application of faith (vs 76-80)