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Holding Out Grace To The City (PT 3)

Continuing from last week, we look at how we focus on our own comfort, instead of God’s soveriengty and relentless grace, and how this limits our compassion to the city.

Holding out Grace to the City Part 2

Continuing from last week, we focus on Gods grace towards the repentant city of Ninevah, and why we don’t extend that same sort of grace to our own city locally.

Holding Out Grace to the City

This week we find ourselves in Jonah Chapter 3, looking at how God extends his grace to Ninevah, and how we can functionally show our grace to our city of Halifax.

Grace That Leads To Repentance (Pt 2)

Brad’s back, and we pick up where we left off Oct 1st – looking at both the difficulty and (eventual) sweetness of grace-driven repentance.

2 Corinthians 12

Why are we in second Corinthians during a study of the book of Jonah? Ryan Skaling from Blomidon Bible Camp joins us and connects the dots.

Grace That Leads To Repentance (Pt 1)

We look at God’s grace, and what happens when we get what we asked for.

A Backdrop Of Grace That Raises Questions

We start our new series in Jonah, and Brad leaves us with more questions than answers.