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The Gospel of John: The Authority of Jesus over Thirst

We explore John 7:37-52, and Jesus’ claim of being the authority over our thirst, and the great satisfier. We also look at what we do ourselves to remain ‘thirsty’ – keeping ourselves from the complete fulfillment Christ offers.

Redemption Sent: Kings and Prophets

A huge portion of the Old Testament talks about kings and prophets in Israel and Judah. The kings of the Old Testament, while some were good, never truly measured up to God’s standard for them. The prophets served to remind Israel constantly that they were not living up to the covenant they had made with God, either in their actions or in their hearts. Ultimately, both the kings and the prophets leave us wanting, knowing that a new covenant is needed, and waiting with anticipation for the true King to come.

This week is also the start of Advent, and we look at the expectation of Christ coming as the true King.