NEHEMIAH: Renewed:: Rebuilt:: Reformed

The life of a Christian should not be a life of stagnation. In fact I don’t know many people, of faith or not of faith, who are filled with purpose, contentment and marked by joy but are simply living a life of unengaged apathy.
The picture of living out of the resources secured for us in Christ is stated in I Thessalonians 5:16-17 as:
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (ESV) (my emphasis)
A life marked by joy that is in constant dependence and in thankful contentment, no matter what our circumstance might be – this is what God wills for us to enjoy in Christ.
The Book of Nehemiah helps us see that from the everyday calling of our lives to even the extreme circumstances- living out God’s Kingdom purposes, God’s way, will shape us into a life time of spiritual growth. As believers we are to be in a constant state of being renewed, rebuilt and reformed.