Advent Through the Psalms

This Sunday Kicks Off  
Advent through the Psalms


PAX will be anticipating the advent of Christ through the Psalms. Israel planned prepared and waited for the promise of God, the coming of the promised Messiah. When the promised Messiah came he would bring in the promised Kingdom. We are planning, preparing and waiting for Christmas. The Messiah has come and we will party, celebrate, share food and share gifts. The kingdom has been inaugurated and secured by the birth and death of Jesus our Messiah. Still we wait, plan, and prepare. These weeks leading up to Christmas day spend some time praying through the Psalms. They are ancient songs of anticipating the promise.

Week 1: The Promise of a Saviour

   Focus: The need for saving. Christ as both the Forgiveness from wrath and Righteousness for life
TEXT: Psalm 72; 

Week 2: (baptism and Christmas Party) A Promise With Personal Meaning

    Focus: Salvation offered- personal transformation. Christ as both God’s personal means of Saving and our only means of spiritual transformation (Heavy Gospel call this Sunday)
TEXT: Psalm 85:4-10

Week 3: The Promise Worth Living

  Focus: Salvation is for living (exampled in Shepherds/Angels) The Goodnews of Jesus is to be enjoyed, adored and shared.
TEXT: Psalm 25

Week 4: The Promise For all People 

    Focus: Salvation is for Sharing.  There is a missionary call to the coming of Christ. We are to live in such a way as to be a continued witness to God’s promised saving.
TEXT: Psalm 126

Christmas Eve  4pm – The Promise Kept

Focus: Salvation has arrived and will be realized fully.  We are living in a unique time of Redemptive history. We are to experience a life of grace that is  between the Hallelujah of Christ’s resurrection and the maranatha of Christ’s return.
TEXT: Psalm 146

             More Psalms to pray through over Advent: Psalm 80, 89, 145, 147, 148