Our Easter Series: RESURRECTION [reasons]


Over the next few weeks PAXnorth will be studying the great Easter hope of RESURRECTION.
The emphasis will be on reasons for the the resurrection.

Sermon 1: Ezekiel 37 Resurrection: Who’s a candidate and what’s the point?
                    (reasons why the resurrection is needed and should be understood)
Sermon 2: Isaiah 53 Resurrection: Does this make sense today and how can it help?
                        (reasons why the resurrection connects with our brokenness and how it gives us an eternal hope)
Sermon 3: Mark 15:42- 16:1-8 Resurrection: Can you believe that and is there another option?
                     (reasons why the resurrection is irrefutable and should be believed)
Good Friday 6Pm – Sermon 4
Resurrection: What is needed for this and how does that happen?
                       (reasons why the resurrection is necessary and how Jesus is the way)
EASTER:  4pm Sermon 5
  Resurrection: Who does that and what does it mean?
     (reasons why the resurrection is important and should be seriously celebrated)