Jonah :: A Story of God’s Relentless Grace

Our Fall Series Kicks off Sept 10th

Join us at 4pm

The book of Jonah is not your normal book about a prophet.
In 48 verses God gives us a powerful picture of His relentless grace.
We’ll be tackling some big sweeping questions through the directed lens of Jonah:

  • Backdrops of Grace- What does God do in the face of evil?
  • Grace that Spills Over- The brokenness that witnesses to grace.
  • Running from Grace – Why the religious man needs grace.
  • Holding out Grace to the City – Why we don’t love the city like God loves the city.
  • Grace Greater Then All My Sin- What happens when you ‘get’ grace?
  • Rehearsing and Celebrating the Relentless Grace of God

… and more!