Q&C from Sunday Sept27 Christians and Politics [should Christians be starting revolutions?]

Three things you should never talk about::Politics, Church and Gender Roles

We started the precarious walk through I Timothy 2 last week. Typically after someone has read our text on Sunday, during worship, they end with reminding the congregation, “This is the Word of God”. The congregation then affirms, which has been part of church history, their willingness to submit to the text with a response of, “Praise be to God.” This week at PAXnorth was different… after I Timothy 2 was read, their was the reminder, “This is the Word of God.” The reply that came back as an encouragement to the deer-in- a headlight Pastor was- “Good Luck!” – it was a great, funny and tone setting moment- truly a reflection of the culture of our church.
The preaching and conversations over the next two to three weeks may be difficult ones. God’s design for the church:: Designed for Authority and Influence [Politics, Church and Gender Roles] I am thankful that PAXnorth does not shy away from these conversations and together seeks to place ourselves under the word of God.
We had some great discussions after the sermon on Sunday regarding Designed for Authority and Influence :: Politics
  A couple of Questions and Comments from Sunday:
“You mentioned prayer and prayerfully considered voting as acceptable means of Christian influence in politics. Are their others? Are there things we should not do as believers?
“How can Paul’s desire for us to have peaceful quiet lives under political authority be reconciled with the observable history that the Church thrives under oppression (i.e. China, 1st century church) Doesn’t this ideal conflict with the reality?

These are very helpful and practical questions that call us as those who are Christians to consider how we are actively living as good citizens of heaven first and Canada/Nova Scotia/Halifax second. We talked about on Sunday the sense of living in holiness, seeking the peace of where we live, so that the Gospel might have a much easier job of being proclaimed and lived – must be a key point in  our political considerations and actions. For God desires that all we be saved and be able to come out of their ignorance of His great plan of redemption – this is definitely the main point of Paul’s instructions regarding praying for our rulers, I Timothy 2:1-7.

Here is a bit more from Desiring God- on what a Christian response, life or action might look like in keeping Paul’s instructions to us as believers. Thanks Jordan K for posting this link.
 Should Christians start revolutions? Or just live quietly?

Remember part of being good citizens is exercising the right to vote. Vote in such a way as to prayerfully enjoy the freedom to live and share the Gospel. “Pray for those in the high positions in our country” May we see a revival of the Gospel across Canada!


We don’t purpose to be able to solve all the mysteries and difficulties of faith lived out. But we are willing to wrestle through them openly and honestly.   Saying that, we expect respectful answers and comments (we won’t repost disrespect) and we don’t post anonymous comments. Being in community, as a church demands both that we are known by each other and that we err on the side of respectful conversation (grace).