Weekend Intensive Gospel Journey 101

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This is a required class for those who are interested in joining a Discipleship Group (D-Groups)

What is Journey 101? This study is designed to be the first steps of introduction for those who are investigating being a deeper part of PAXnorth community, either for a part of or for the life time of their spiritual journey. This study will unfold for you the biblical foundations from out of which PAXnorth finds expression.

This class looks at the basics for living out of God’s greater mission as a church, understanding scriptures, the Person of God, how humanity began and how we have become what we are, as well as God’s primary intentions and to what lengths He is prepared to go.
With this in mind we DO ask that anyone who is considering PAXnorth as their church home would prayerfully and with a desire to grow take Journey 101.

Why is Journey 101 required? We believe that this will give you a strong foundation for understanding the basics of Biblical Theology and helping you to understand how a church is designed to live ‘missionally’ in its culture. PAXnorth is a community of diverse spiritual backgrounds. Our goal is not that you will believe all that we believe but simply that you would know what we believe and why. We would hope that this will inspire you to journey alongside of PAXnorth, or another church community, who is truly seeking to make a difference and raise the ‘value’ of the context in which we together live. If you feel called to engage the culture with us it is important that you understand the spiritual foundation we are coming from.

Journey 101 will be a foundational requirement for ALL those who are taking the initial steps to being a part of PAXnorth, whether they are still spiritual skeptics or if they already hold a PHD in theological studies. For many of the continuing theological studies, that we will offer, with few exceptions, Journey 101 will be an initial requirement.

As we begin our fall semester and kick-off D-Groups we will be offering a Gospel Journey Intensive
Friday night and Saturday morning
SEPTEMBER 25 and 26
  To Sign up and get a pdf of GJ101
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