Questions and Comments


As our first act of response: We will give you a minute and 20 seconds to write out your Question and Comment


Since the inception of PAXNorth Church we have tried to make room for Questions and Comments following the morning sermon.
Here’s how it works:
~ we ask people to fill out a comment/question card with, something that stuck out to them, or something they want to ask.
~ then we gather the comments at the front
~ the comments and questions are not to put the Preacher on the spot, nor to be used as a platform so the Pastor can try and prove how ‘all-wise’ he is.
~ it’s a place where we read the comments, and questions back to the congregation, receiving feed back from each question and allowing/guiding them to work out the truths of scripture in some way together; This is a means of a few short moments to do “theology in community” on a Sunday morning. Yes, as part of our worship time every Sunday morning.
~ the parameters are, it needs to be something that is relevant to what we have been looking at from God’s Word that morning (we quickly discovered that some of us have religious hobby horses that we seem to be beating every time we open our mouths… so keep to the scripture focus of the sermon that day).

What does this do in creating an environment of worship at our church service?
~ our young skeptics have often commented that it gives the service a greater amount of ownership to the listeners. One visiting hipster once said, ‘Yeah, its not simply the sleepy hearers listening to the talking head.’
~ it helps me as the primary speaker at PAXnorth to understand more clearly the points/places of application that our congregation may be wrestling through.
~ it has often helped to clarify and challenge those whose thinking is not clear or simply not right on the truths of scripture by someone else other then the guy at the front.
~ it has become a key transition point from our preaching (which we do at the first of the service) to our confessional prayer and into worship through music.

Questions and Comments has become an important part of teaching our people how to wrestle with both scripture and application with out devouring one another. It’s a good wrestle and not one that we always feel resolve on after we have talked it out a bit. As a church, we are o.k. with that (not feeling like all the questions are neatly, nicely resolved by the end of the service). We want people to wrestle with the truth of who God is and what He has said and we strive to make a safe community for this, even as we preach direct and clear truth from God’s Word.

Over the next several weeks we are going to try and post some of these questions and comments to our website so we can give you a sense of how this plays out with us. We are going to try to both capture and give some answers to the difficult questions that are being asked. If you want to chime in we are o.k. with that. Just so you know though we expect respectful answers and comments (we won’t repost disrespect) and we don’t post anonymous comments. Being in community, as a church demands both that we are known by each other and that we err on the side of respectful conversation.
Welcome to Questions and Comments!

Brad Somers
lead Pastor
PAXnorth Church