Advent 2014

This Sunday we begin our fourth observing of advent together!

Each week as we tandem both the Gospel of John- leading up to the cross- with the Gospel of Luke leading up to the birth of Jesus we will called to action. If we have indeed understand that Christ is the sent One from God to be the Saviour-King we above all people on earth should have lives filled with the great gifts of awe that are a result of faith in Him.

Christ is the greatest gift of grace to humankind. The knowing of this causes us to experience a peace, hope, love and joy that is truly beyond this world.

This Christmas we will be spending time celebrating, worshipping, rejoicing and being called to actions that reflect that we ‘get it’:
Jesus the Gift of Peace; Jesus the Gift of Hope; Jesus the Gift of Love; Jesus the Gift of Joy
JESUS: The Great Gift of Grace – 

The Gift that is Promised:: The Gift that is Present

This Christmas Season: Worship; lead your family, your friends, your community in worship; give good gifts that point to the peace, hope, love and joy of Christ who came as the Great Gift of God to us!

HERE’S an excellent free resource to help you worship over the Advent season: Great News of Great Joy by John Piper