PAXnorth Grow-Ops!

What are Grow -Ops?
is a place for ‘feeding’ on God’s Word, and responding in worship as the church gathered. Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) are our primary place of peer to peerGrow Ops discipleship applying what we are learning into our lives, living in relationships of accountability and serving on mission together. Grow-Ops are opportunities for those who are connected to PAXnorth be equipped. These Sunday Night classes are being designed to train, challenge and equip the head, heart and hands. The goal is to understand through the lens of Biblical instruction how to live and think in our spiritual life, daily life and life in the everyday world.  The goal is if you are consistent in the Grow Ops over a six year cycle you will have received classes equal to a first year Bible College level plus a lot of practical spiritual teaching besides.

Who can take these Grow-Op Classes?
We have classes for everybody who is interested in understanding, growing or discipling others.

What do these classes look like?
FAITH track is open to everyone who might be curious, exploring or arguing through some of the basic principals of a foundational Biblical view. It is designed for an acknowledge stage of spiritual growth. It will also be a great track for those who are trying to wrestle through how they might have conversations with friends, co-workers, classmates, roommates who are skeptically seeking for answers.

VALUE track is for those who are in need of deepening their understanding and practical daily walk in Christ. Gospel Journey 101 is a prerequisite for entering into the VALUE track.  It is designed to work through the acceptance stage of spiritual growth. It will be a challenging track for those who have already acknowledged that God is real, the Bible is true but now how does this translate in practical ways into my head, heart and life?

CULTURE track is for those who are beginning to understand and figure out how to grow deeper and broader in their understanding of the Bible. By doing this they also are hoping to engage in the mission of Christ of winning and making disciples both through the local church and in the broader context of the world we live in. This is for those who have gotten hold of the truth that spiritual life is bigger then themselves and they wish to live on mission with Christ and His Church. This is for those who are working out their spiritual life in accountability with the Church. Gospel Journey 101 is a prerequisite for the classes in this track. Some of these classes may require Gospel Journey 202 as well

Grow-Ops September 2014-July 2015  [schedule subject to change] Classes are held on Sunday 6:00-7:30 p.m.

  September 28-November 9 November 9- December 21 January 11- February 15 February 22-
April 12
April 19 to
June 7
June 7 to
July 27
FAITH Gospel Journey 101* Christianity Explored Gospel Journey 101* Reason for God Grow Op
[Tarzan Jane and Jesus]
Family Nights
[need GJ101]
The Art of Discipleship Gospel Journey 202** Biblical Worldview [Living Out Biblical Manhood and Womanhood] Gospel Journey 202** Grow Op
Family Nights
CULTURE** Biblical Change*** Biblical Change*** How to Talk about Jesus?[Evangelism] Helping Relationship***
[need GJ202]
Church History Intensive/ or A Theology Intensive Family Nights


*Gospel Journey 101 must be taken to participate in any of the VALUE tracks

** Gospel Journey 202 must be taken to participate in some of the CULTURE tracks

*** These are tracks for understanding and applying Biblical Counseling