Value D-Groups and Gospel Journey 101

The Place to Connect::Grow:: Serve –  Discipleship Groups and Gospel Journey 101!  

Value Discipleship Groups are the heart of growing together in our spiritual walks at PAXnorth. It doesn’t matter if you are a spiritual skeptic, or are convinced of Christ we all need to work out our spiritual life in the context of a community of grace and truth. This is what is offered in PAXnorth’s D-groups.
  Value D-Groups allow for us to work into and out of our lives the truth of what we have been learning on Sundays.
WAIT JUST A MINUTE…. before you sign up for a D-group we ask that you work through the basics of theology and mission that make up PAXnorth’s DNA through a Gospel Journey 101 study.
Our next  GJ101 has started, Sunday Nights, 5:30 . It is still not to late to plug into this (last week to get plugged in).We wil start the next one on an as needed basis. To particapte email to