He IS Risen!! Easter weekend is almost here! I hope you have had a growing sense of anticipation over the week.
We want to help you celebrate the incredible reality of God’s grace to us!
Good Friday @ PAXnorth 7pm
Much of Christ:: Was the death of Jesus necessary?

Easter Morning @ PAXnorth 10:30am 
(coffee WILL be there! bring chocolate to share)
Much of Christ :: Is it necessary to believe in an actual resurrection?

Easter Supper @ PAXnorth 4pm [the Easter Feast-er!] 4pm
Easter is a time of celebration, and for many of us, a celebration isn’t complete without food.
This is also a huge day for us as believers in a risen Christ, and we would be honored if you would like to spend this holiday with your Church family, especially if you don’t have family here in Halifax. We are planning on having a great big dinner late on Sunday afternoon. We’ll start around 4 at the church. Bring food to share for dinner, board games, and maybe even snacks for afterwards. If you need an idea of what to bring, contact Holly and she’ll point you in the right direction.
Hope to see you there. He is risen indeed – Holly Algra

April 7 Easter Follow Up- Christ is risen…now what?
Much of Christ:: Is Jesus necessary for today?
Interested in being baptized or have a child to be dedicated?
Email to receive details and set up an appointment.