2012/13 D-Groups

Value Discipleship Groups (or D-Groups as we like to call them) are groups of people who are committed to grow and live out the good news of redemption through Jesus. This is first done in the building of authentic spiritual relationships centered on peer to peer discipleship and secondly in living out the mission of reaching our community together, in both small ways and larger contexts.

D- Group is NOT:

  • a ‘small group’ – a group of people who meet merely to share common faith or shared emotional experience.
  • a bible study – a group of people who meet to discuss what they have personally discovered about a passage in scriptures.
  • a support group- a group of people who meet to encourage each other through difficult circumstances.
  • a social cause group – a group of people who meet to do good things in our community for the sake of social justice.
  • a weekly meeting – a group of people who meet just be together for networking and friendship acquaintances.

Note: This is not to say that some of thee result might not happen, but only to point out that the Value D-Groups primarily function around ‘gospeling’ life together. This takes priority in both relationship growth and community impact.

Here’s a funny video to illustrate what D-Groups will NOT be at PAXnorth 🙂

Sign up for 2012/13 D-Groups has begun… there will be sign up sheets at church next Sunday if you haven’t already signed up. Keep in mind, you’ll need to go through Gospel Journey 101 before being able to participate in D-Groups with us. Contact Brad for more info on that –

We want to encourage you to MIX IT UP… get into a group with different leaders and different people this year. It’s a great way to develop deep relationships with new people.

***UPDATED SEPT 24 2012***

Spots are filling up fast….E-mail Courtney Siebring to sign up for any of the D-groups.

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
Leaders: Brad & Shelby Somers / Ryan & Rachel Morse
Location: The Somer’s House
1 slot left

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
Leaders: Nevin & Amanda Doncanster / Peter & Samantha Barnaby
Location: The Doncaster’s House
3 slots left

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
Leaders: Drew & Anna Martin
Location: Kyla & Mark Stanford’s House
3 slots left

Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Leaders: Gerritt & Courtney Siebring / Hilary & Jeremy Thorne
Location: Siebring’s House
5 slots left