PAXnorth 2.0

Frequent visitors to the PAXnorth church website have been met with a fairly plain-looking placeholder page since the beginning of summer – well, NO MORE! We are pleased to announce the launch of PAXnorth-dot-ca: 2-point-0.

<cue thunderous applause>

PAXnorth Church has been undergoing some fundamental changes over the past year. This new website is but a faint glimmer of some of the bigger things God has planned for our humble little family in the year ahead.

For those of you who may be new to PAXnorth, over the spring and summer our church leaders and members held a series of meetings with the intent of sharpening our focus and clarifying our mission as a church plant.

A lot of very insightful – sometimes uncomfortable – issues were brought forth by people who sincerely wanted to see positive change in the church and one of those issues was communication.

With this issue in mind, the new and improved webspace was designed with the intention of facilitating communication of key information to church members.

This is accomplished by…

  • Articulating our mission and goals through our Church DNA page
  • Creating a central spot to keep track of what’s going on at PAXnorth through our Events page
  • We’ve made it ridiculously easy to download and listen to Sermons through this website and iTunes
  • The Members section will soon be populated with tons of resources for those of you who call PAXnorth home

We sincerely wish you find this new facet of our church’s communication to be a valuable resource. I hope it is as fun for you to use as it was to build it.