Growing in the Graces:: Character for Leading a Christ-Centered Life

We are on to a NEW series- this one is looking at the HEART of the letter Paul wrote to Titus – the basic theme centers on Paul’s instruction to Titus “to put in order” spiritual leadership who will deal with the mess that spiritual immaturity has created in the churches in Crete where I’ve sent you to serve. The basic problem?? Ever hear someone call another person a ‘Cretan?’- it’s not a flattering term- which you learn more of through the book of Titus. The basic problem is that there were a large group of those who called themselves spiritual leaders who demonstrated by their words and actions that they had little understanding or evidences of the transforming grace of God.

This series of messages is going to focus on Paul’s core instruction to Titus to look for and encourage the character of Christ-centered living in the churches- and in the lives of everyone who calls themselves a Christ follower.
GROWING IN THE GRACES :: Character for Christ- Centered Living