Winter was Spring IS!

Hey PAXblog peeps. I have been on the MIA list for blog world- need to jump start:: the blog- since then we have launched two Missional D-Groups- small groups with the purposes of peer to peer discipleship [time to talk about application of a Gospel-posture in every day life and to hold each other accountable in relationship] and serving our community together through these groups. Our hope is that these groups would not be surface places of “self- realizations” not ego-centric; but that these would be places of honest life before God and each other so that we have no place to hide but in Christ alone; Following this up with an honest hands on approach to valuing our community by serving in it. We have also just completed our third Gospel Journey 101 [the basics of FAITH::VALUE:: CULTURE} a look at the foundations behind PAXnorth Church; All in all it’s been an exciting winter [even as we studied through the Psalms of Lament] Now we are studying through the last week or so of Christ’s life, pre and up to His resurrection! We are discovering that Jesus IS Enough!! But more on that later in the week… ahhhhh good to be back!! Hope your winter found you not merely busy but effective!