Surface Tensions in Psalms

The Psalms have been a means of spiritual expression since before our Bible was in print. A place that expresses prayers, sorrows, hopes, celebrations, and awe in authentic relationship with God. Pick a Psalm, any Psalm, read it through slowly thinking on what the Psalmist is trying to express- you’ll find the qualities of a heart that has been moved so deeply by a theme relating to God that it can no longer contain itself! The tension has been building, joy, sorrow or hope [maybe all three]- no matter the topic the heart of the writer has been so struck that they can’t contain it! It busts through the surface in raw honest song, prayer or complaint. It’s no wonder that our hearts gravitate to this amazing compilation of prayers and praise when we just need to find expression to God or with each other.
Anticipation and Sorrow
PAXnorth has been looking at two particular categories of Psalms; In the month of December we looked at a few Messianic Psalms [Psalms of Anticipation of God’s promised deliverance]; Presently we are looking at Psalms of Lament [Psalms of personal sorrow, or community grief].
I’ll pick up this blog with the present focus of Lament.
A quick caution though as you begin to read through these Psalms of personal and community anguish – this is not a place of simple solution. It’s not: “Feeling a personal or community anguish? Well, take two Psalms and call me in the morning.” That kind of religious self-help, platitude doesn’t cut it in the Psalmist’s heart. There is a deep tension in living faith under the watchful care of an authentic relationship with a Sovereign God. If you’re ready for more than a surface understanding ofthis tension- read the next few blogs on Psalms of Lament.