Treadmill Rebels: Genesis 5,6 Living Different

Genesis 5-6 covers about 1656 years of human history through genealogy. These two chapters cover about as much history as does the rest of the Bible! Yeah, WOW!
When you think about the progress of mankind over that period of time you expect, being so close to the original creation, that there would almost be a developing utopia of human goodness. After all if humanity is not born in sinfulness, like universalism tell us, the early generations being so close to the original designs of God the society would not have been as wicked, as our social environment is. There would have been a great progressing of the goodness of man and the ability to create a social environment of peace, love and joy- by merely growing up in these surroundings. Wouldn’t that be what you expect, if humans were not born with a sinful condition and pre-inclinations towards sin continually? So what’s the status? What do we find after 1600 years of human progression? READ IT! Genesis 5 What strikes you about this passage? He is born, he has breakfast, he has kids, he dies; He is born, he has breakfast, he has kids, he dies; He is born, he has breakfast …. BORRRRRING! Same old thing!
Now look at Genesis 6:5, not only was it the same old get born, get breakfast and die TREADMILL cycle but it was a continuing growing cycle of self worship- evil!
What did you notice though, in the middle of the treadmill of sinful humanity? Two BLIPS on God’s radar screen. Enoch…blip…Noah…blip. What is different? They walk with God. By God’s favor (Hebrew word for grace- meaning the actions of a superior, bowing or showing favor to an inferior), two pagans were given the grace of God. They responded with rightness! They turned their attention, their hearts, their lives, over to a relationship of knowing, loving, obeying God.
Here is a good lesson on Living Different in a Culture Addicted to Wickedness.
You want to be a REBEL to that ‘treadmill of the same old’? Everyone around us is rebellion against God, living their own rules, making their own way, filling their own lives up with the brokenness of their own decisions… look around you! We get up , we eat breakfast, we serve our lusts, wants, self, we die, or walk out, or jump from one shattered relationship to the next. All the while trying to set new standards of happiness, skinniness, coolness, fame, or even religious good-feel-ed-ness! All in all it is a sad attempt to make ourselves god of our lives…. treadmill rebellion!
You want to be a real TREADMILL REBEL?
Get up and get on your knees before God! Confess your need for Him, cry out to Him. Begin to search, pray on, feed on His Word, looking for what His intentions and purposes for you life are. Find out what He loves, and love that. Find out what breaks His heart and let it break your heart. Find out what He hates and hate that! BLIP…….BLIP…. whoa something powerfully different then the same old treadmill of life.
You will begin to discover that God calls us to live out a sacrificial love because of the love His Son demonstrated for us on the cross; forgiveness because of the offense of sin that is forgiven us because of the cross; peace because the wrath of God was satisfied in the person of Jesus at the cross. You will live out a genuine authentic relationship with God through Jesus- discovering a change of new life in your relationships and purpose beyond yourself! Christ lived out in you, your home, your relationships, your work place, your school holds an a true countercultural attraction for those you ‘do’ life with. GO AHEAD REBEL!